YK11 Unbiased Review: Uses, Dosage & Side Effects by Mathew Eng, PharmD which was reviewed by Selfhacked Science Team and was last updated on April 29, 2019, is a very educative article on YK-11. Many people misunderstand YK-11 and use it for the wrong reasons. Fortunately, this article gives in-depth information about YK 11, how to use it, and some of its side effects. YK 11 is an excellent example of a synthetic steroidal SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator). YK 11 is used by many athletes to improve their muscles and strength.

According to Mathew, YK 11 is not a typical SARM. This is because the synthetic steroid mimics a body’s naturally occurring hormone called 5-α-dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Therefore, it works differently from other SARMs in the market, which usually mimic testosterone. DHT is a stronger form of testosterone.

The drug is made directly concerning the original chemical formula of the natural DHT. Thus, Mathew believes it is misleading to group it as a SARM, but instead, it should be arranged as a synthetic steroid. It operates differently from other non-steroidal SARMs, and it works faster. Many bodybuilders and athletes prefer YK 11 to other SARMs and steroids because its period of muscle gain and results is shorter.

Mode of Mechanism

DHT is the hormone in the body, which plays significant roles in prostate health, hair growth, and it is in charge of the development experienced during puberty. As mentioned earlier, YK 11 is made following the chemical formula of DHT, and therefore it operates in the body similarly to natural DHT. YK 11 activates androgen receptors but prevents full activation. This is because it does not induce any physical interaction between the NTD/AF1 and LBD/AF2. This interaction is required for full activation of androgen receptors, which means that if it is not induced, then androgen receptors will not be activated fully. Therefore, the drug will selectively bind to specific muscles and bones, which will lead to an increase in lean mass.

yk11 molecular formula

  • Moreover, YK 11 has anabolic activity in C2C12 myoblasts by inhibiting myostatin. YK 11 works by increasing the levels of follistatin, a protein which exists in the body to improve muscles. Follistatin promotes muscles by inhibiting myostatin, and thus, the muscles of the user are maintained at a more significant level which cannot be obtained with regular exercises and diet.
  • Myostatin exists in the body to prevent muscles from becoming too large. Therefore increased levels of follistatin means that myostatin function is blocked and the user experiences increase in muscles within a shorter period.
  • Some studies show that YK 11 affects protein kinase B (PKB). PKB naturally plays the role of sending signals to increase the activity of osteoblasts. YK 11 activates PKB, and its users have incredible bone growth, and they are active.
  • With the information laid above, the general advantages of YK 11 include increasing muscle growth, aids in bone growth, and has minimal side effects because of its high specificity. On the other hand, the disadvantages of YK 11 include the fact that YK 11 structure and mode of action show that it is not a typical SARM, but manufacturers and suppliers group it under SARMs instead of steroids.
  • This is misleading to users and can lead to unexpected results. The manufacturers and suppliers should group it as a synthetic steroid and ensure users understand that it affects their body differently from other regular SARMs.

Another disadvantage is that it leads to testosterone suppression, which can affect the activities in the body that depend on the hormone. Although YK 11 has proved to work, and it effectively delivers its function in humans, the drug was not tested in humans or animals before introducing it to the market. Therefore, it might have certain long-term risks which the manufacturers did not take into consideration. It is essential to use recommended dosages and not go overboard because it is still unknown how dangerous it can be in the body.

Uses of YK 11

YK 11 is used for muscle growth and improving bone health.

Increasing Muscle Growth

  • As mentioned earlier, YK 11 is appreciated by many bodybuilders because of its ability to increase the levels of follistatin in the body, which in turn blocks myostatin. Myostatin limits huge gains of muscle growth. Therefore, if the body has reduced the effects of myostatin, then muscle growth is going to be enormous, a quality which many bodybuilders look for in a drug.
  • Moreover, the muscle strength achieved by someone who uses YK 11 is higher than a naturally active person. Testosterone plays the role of strengthening muscles as part of its hormonal effects. DHT is stronger than testosterone, and YK 11 works precisely like DHT. Thus, it YK 11 will provide stronger results including stronger muscles than any SARM or steroid which mimics testosterone.

Strengthening Bones

  • YK 11 can bind on androgen receptors in bone tissues and trigger bone growth. When YK 11 is introduced in the body activated PKB increases in cells. This will signal bone cells to be produced in larger amounts. When bone cells are produced, bone growth is experienced at a higher rate. For this reason, YK 11 users have stronger bones and high-quality bone health.
  • They have reduced fractures, and athletes can exercise for more extended periods. Therefore, other than bodybuilders and athletes, older people who have bone health issues can use limited amounts of YK 11 to strengthen their bones.

Reviews from Bodybuilders

Bodybuilder Review on yk11

It is undeniable that the frequent clients of YK 11 are bodybuilders. This is because a difference is seen in the body within the first week of use. YK 11 offers both the functions of steroids and a SARM, but it mostly works as a synthetic steroid. Many positive reviews have been reported from bodybuilders who appreciate YK 11. YK 11 improves their muscles, and most of them have reported mild side effects.

  • However, some bodybuilders have reported experiencing joint pains in their reviews. Some of them stated that they would instead use a SARM which has been well researched and has undergone human and animal testing, rather than using YK 11, which is still being studied.
  • Despite these claims of little research on the drug, other users love it, and they state that it is effective in bulking because lean muscle is gained in a shorter period, a quality that bodybuilders should consider first. Therefore, there is a mixture of reactions with regards to the reception of YK 11 in the bodybuilding industry. Some have appreciated it and use it daily, whereas some would rather play it safe by using well researched SARMs even if it takes quite some time to achieve the muscle growth that they want.

Side Effects of YK 11

This is currently among the most researched topics because many people would like to know the side effects of YK 11 before using it. The drug has appealing advantages such as achieving muscle growth within a week, but users would like to know the price that they would pay for achieving results within that short period. High levels of follistatin in the body may increase the risk of cancer of the prostate, stomach, skin, and esophagus. However, studies show that YK 11 can be used to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  • YK 11 is toxic to the liver if used in larger amounts. Unfortunately, this is still anecdotal because no human testing was conducted to show its level of toxicity in the liver. YK 11 has shown to increase blood pressure if used in larger amounts.
  • Some users have experienced hair loss, whereas others have not. Also, some users claim that they experienced mild acne during their first weeks of using the drug, but it disappears after frequent usage. Therefore, most of these side effects are sketchy, but there could be long-term side effects which have not yet recorded. Consequently, it is safe to use only the recommended dosage of the drug.

Dosage of YK 11

The recommended dosage of YK 11 is 10 to 15 mg per day. However, promising results have been reported at 5 mg per day. Women should stick to 0.5 to 2 mg per day. The dosage depends on the purpose of the drug. For example, bodybuilders who want to achieve muscle growth can use higher doses as compared to users who only have the objective of attaining stronger bones. Higher doses of more than 30 mg per day should be avoided. A person can take it orally, whereas some prefer injections.

According to Mathew, the half-life of YK 11 has not been studied, and thus it can be hard to specify how many doses to take in a day, but most people take two doses, and it works effectively. YK 11 is considered doping by the World Anti-Doping Agency and cannot be used by athletes in competitions. YK 11 is still a mystery drug scientifically, but it has shown results in users, and that is why it is still in the market. The article by Mathew Eng, PharmD provided enough insights about YK 11 but lacked supportive references.