Kratom Strains

Have you ever paused to think of just how many strains of Kratom could be out there in the market as we speak? We are sure you must have had some encounters with quite a few. The last time we checked, it seems there are over a hundred strains with a track record of keeping the customer happy and highly satisfied.

Contrary to what you may have heard or believed in, there are just a few potent kratom (not up to a hundred) options available for you to try out. As a matter of proven fact, there are only three most important and potent strains of kratom you should know about. These strains include; the Red vein, Green vein, and white vein listed in no particular order.

Just before you move out and start searching for the strains mentioned above, it is pertinent to note that most producers may likely change their names probably according to the farmer they get their supplies from. The naming is strictly based on the supplier’s decision. There are cases where some suppliers may try mixing two strains and decide to give it a completely different name. There are instances where the strains are categorized based on their regions, and these region names may not mean anything serious. To gain an indebt understanding of Kratom powder, we believe it is crucial that we discuss the three primary strains.

Kratom Strains Colors

How do they obtain the vein color?

  • How comes each of these strains are named according to colors? Perhaps let’s settle that first before moving to discuss the various strains available in the market.
  • Several myths are surrounding the use of colors to name kratom powder strains.
  • While red vein is known to come from a specific region of the world, green is harvested wild while white has a characteristic of producing lots of water during its lifecycle.
  • Although these explanations may sound convincing enough, there are still traces of information breach in them.
  • During one of our interviews with Jonny Clark (Kratom connoisseur), we discovered that there are quite a lot of facts surrounding changing the vein color of Kratom.
  • Johnny, while giving an example with the Green Borneo, told us that the green Borneo was originally an actual red vein leaf but dried especially to possess the green characteristics.
  • In most of the cases, the green strains are dried in an air-conditioned room with little or no light from lamps. After this, the leaves are taken outside to dry for an hour or more.

In another interview session with Clark, he told us that about 75%-85% of the green strains were initially red veins before being dried to possess the outcome we now see. Most often, the original color of the veins does not determine the final product. It all depends on how the farmer dries the veins. Always remember that the nature of drying (indoors or outdoors) tend to determine the outcome of the veins.

The other variables that determine the final color of the veins include; duration of exposure to UV light, lamp light, how much sunlight it has received and the type and level of fermentation it undergoes. Always remember to pay more attention to the drying process since this is what determines the outcome. For instance, red veins are made by fermentation or drying them under sun or UV light while white veins are made by drying them indoors with no light.

The other essential factors which determine the outcome of the veins are; seasons (rainy, hot or dry), soil content, and location of the leaves. The rainy season is known to produce brighter/pale Kratom which may exhibit little potency.

In the farming season, farmers can only harvest the green, red, white or Bentuangie (fermented red vein) and Johnny told us of cases where people have developed yellow veins which are blends of the others.

As far as kratom colors are concerned, yellow is the most attractive vein colors to arrive at (no offense to your favorite vein color). It is also the most controversial/guessed veins when it comes to processes.

Now that you are familiar with the different factors responsible for the vein colors, let us take a look at the common strains of Kratom powder.

  • Red Strain Kratom Powder

Grown mostly in Southeast Asia, red strain Kratom powder is one of the most popular and best-selling strains of Kratom I have come across. It takes precedence over other strains of kratom powder. Its tenacity to grow in just about any environment is what makes it stand out among the others. Most scientists are still surprised at how it can grow in all habitats known to man. At the time of writing this article, it has been found to grow in dry arid environments and knee-deep waters. It is often referred to as the hulk o Kratom plants.

  • Green Strain Kratom Powder

This is known to produce a more balanced effect in alkaloid content and potency. Often regarded as the “middle of the road” green strain exists between the red and the white strain. Although it doesn’t pass as the first choice of most Kratom users, the green vein is the second most popular kratom powder available in the market. It has a unique, sophisticated flavor than the red.

Hybrids of Green Strain Mixtures

Hybrids of Green Strain Mixtures

  • Mixing the green strains is one of the best processes you can ever undertake. With this, you will obtain a full effect of each leaf (red and white) you have mixed. Bear in mind that each strain has its unique alkaloid constituents and can work in a consortium to elicit more potent results.
  • White Strain Kratom Powder

This occurs at the end of the spectrum from the red vein leaves. It is not for the faint-hearted and usually for a more niche-specific group which loves and know and are ready to tap into the properties of this leaf. This strain is commonly known to be mixed with red or green strains among most Kratom users, and it is also known to enjoy a high level of popularity itself.

For novices, it is highly recommended that you start with white Kratom veins and try making your hybrid mixtures with reds and green first.


We are not disputing the fact that there are several other types of Kratom powder in circulation; these powders are usually derived from the three main strains discussed in this article. The fancy names in the market are just marketing strategies and branding. Regardless of which strains you have, the bottom line is this; you can make your hybrid by combining them.

Kratom Potentiators

One thing you must always bear in mind either as a new or existing user is the fact that potent Kratom powder is still the best Kratom powder. You can join our community of Kratom users if you are not yet a member. You are becoming a member of our community grants you access to the latest discoveries about a new kratom potentiator.

It has been discovered that kratom works in tandem with other natural herbs and species to elicit some benefits which keep you living a healthy life. To give you a heads-up on Kratom powder potentiator, we shall channel the better part of this article to teaching you how to use the kratom powder potentiators which can make your kratom powder last longer than usual and also present you with some other extra kicks needed to last as long as required. If you want to beef up your next kratom dose, here are some organic means of achieving it.

Kratom Powder Potentiators

7 Kratom Potentiators

  • Grapefruit

If you are looking for a wonderful highly nutritious but powerful strengthener in your breakfast, then you should consider grapefruit. It acts as an excellent potentiator due to its high enzyme content and ability to metabolize substances like Kratom.

By utilizing grapefruit as your kratom powder potentiator, it creates a room for more kratom to stay in the body longer than usual, thus aiding in the breaking down of kratom. Taking a glass of grapefruit juice or a single grapefruit elicit roughly the same effect on the body. While some people will mix the kratom powder with grapefruit juice, others may take it; differently, the choice is entirely yours.

Chamomile Tea

This is my favorite potentiators. It enhances the relaxation effects of kratom. It is also one of the most popular kratom powder potentiators, and it is utilized by a lot of people to establish a prolonged dose experience.

It is advisable to forego the chamomile for another potentiator if you are taking green or white strains of kratom.


Turmeric is an Indian spice which can help your kratom powder last longer while on the shelf or in your body. It has been regarded as the most significant boosts in kratom dose when used together.

Cayenne Pepper

This pepper has been in the limelight for a while now. Based on my research, I was able to discover that it gave a tremendous spike in results without increasing the dose duration of kratom in the body. Contrary to what I had expected or experienced from the other kratom powder potentiators, cayenne pepper gave a boost in potency without increasing dosage time.

To use this kratom powder potentiator, mix it directly into your dry kratom dose and take it together with water. Please only use this if you have a tolerance for spicy food. Make sure the dose is small also. A little of it can set you on fire for over 30 minutes.

7 Kratom Powder Potentiators


This is ultra-hydrated lettuce, which comes with a significant effect on potency in Kratom. Data gathered from studies reveals that there is a powerful cocktail in the minerals present in lettuce. It increases your dosage duration without causing an increase in the effects experienced.

Cat’s Claw

As odd as it may sound, this herb contains alkaloids similar to what is obtainable in kratom itself. Due to this similarity in their chemical composition, it interacts with the kratom powder to make its effect last longer than usual.

Akuamma Seed

This plant contains a seed that is bigger than your thumbnail and is as sturdy as a stone. To elicit its effect in your kratom powder, you will have to grind the seeds (1-3 per dose) with your favorite food processor or grinder.

Mix and take with your kratom dose and be prepared to gag like a momo. It has a bitter taste but can produce a stronger kratom powder even though I didn’t notice the lasting effects longer than expected. Sorry to say but I think this potentiator is not worth the try.


Although I came to understand that most users don’t like using this one, I decided to include it here because of its pretty much importance in its tolerance levels. People who choose not to use this potentiator have made confessions of how it has adverse effects on the body. It is famous for lowering the tolerance levels than in increasing kratom powder dosage duration. We suggest you use this with caution to avoid paying more than the required taxes to Prince John.


If you want to increase the activity of your kratom powder, there are quite a good number of herbs teas and spices that can help you improve the intended overall results. These results are often individual specific.

Kratom Powder

Kratom Powder; Extracted from the Mitragyna speciosa tree which is native to Southeastern Asia and predominantly common in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, kratom powder is known to enhance mood, relieve pain, and anxiety when ingested. The powder is made by grinding the dried leaves of the plant.

While the proponents of kratom powder users have confessed to its potency in making their life better and entirely owe their present health status to it, opponents believe the substance is dangerous since it can alter brain function and there is a little body of research on the said subject. At the time of writing this article, it is still not approved by the FDA for medicinal purposes.

The approval of the FDA is not quite essential since there are times people know what is better for them; they are the ones feeling the pains. The use of kratom powder has been widely documented in Asia. For over one thousand years now, it has been used as a remedy for several maladies even without the government’s approval, although there are reports of its ban in Thailand.

Legal Status of Kratom powder

Legal Status of Kratom

Most patients have attested to the therapeutic effects of kratom. There is little to no clinical research on kratom and what is available is strictly client testimonies. There was a recent turn of events in 2012 when interest in the use of kratom powder was intensified.

The research prospects went to sleep, and since then, we have not heard of the latest developments concerning the research findings. During this research, it was discovered that kratom gives a sedating and stimulating effect, which varies based on the strain and dosage.

Most of the active ingredients extracted from the plant are mitragynine and 7-hydroxumitra-gynine (7-HMG). These phytochemicals have been known to elicit an analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which binds as agonists to the opiates receptors.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) introduced an emergency of Kratom in August 2016. This report classified it as a schedule 1 drug mainly due to its opioid-like effects.

Schedule 1 drug based on DEA’s definition means a drug with no currently accepted medical application and with a high potential for abuse. This led to a backlash from the public. A lot of people publicly demonstrated, signed petitions, and called on Congress to overrule the decision.

After much deliberations, the DEA withdrew its notice of intent to institute Kratom’s active ingredients as a schedule 1 drug and settled for soliciting more information and public opinion. The DEA received about 23, 000 comments from the public in support of Kratom.

Before DEA can classify a substance as a schedule 1 drug, the Eight Factor Test is usually carried out. The processes of this test include gathering information on the drug’s pharmacology, potential abuse, and risks. To schedule a drug, DE must consider three of the eight factors in the test. These factors include;

  • The substance’s history and current abuse pattern
  • The scope, duration, and modes of abuse,
  • The risk, if any, to public health

Also, the DEA will also take into cognizance, the drug’s manufacturer and distribution potentials, clandestine importation, and actual abuse. The levels and concentration of active ingredients in Kratom can lead to unpredictable side effects which the DEA see as a potential threat.

The legality of Kratom Powder by State

Although the DEA is yet to give an official verdict on the future status of Kratom, we are however positive. For the time being, the current legality of kratom remains a gray area for a lot of people. According to the National Kratom Coalition, the use of Kratom is legal in the United States with the following states still regarding the use of kratom as illegal.

kratom legality 2019

  • Alabama – Kratom is a Schedule 1 controlled substance drug as of May 10, 2016.
  • California – Kratom is legal except in San Diego where a local ordinance was passed,
  • Florida – Kratom is legal in Florida except for Sarasota County.
  • Illinois – The sale of kratom is banned to minors under the age of 18, it is prohibited in Jerseyville, but is legal in the state.
  • Indiana – Kratom is classified as a synthetic drug and is banned
  • New Hampshire – Legal if you are 18 and over.
  • Rhode Island – Kratom is banned in this state
  • Vermont – Kratom has been banned in Vermont
  • Wisconsin – Kratom is classified as a Schedule 1 and is banned.
  • Arkansas – Kratom is a controlled substance as of February 2016.

NOTE: This could change at any time due to the intensified legislation moving and shaking the US for the acceptance of kratom.


Kratom users are currently fighting a serious claim made by the FDA, which is headed by Scott Gottlieb and focused on dictating how the plant should be scheduled. These and many reasons are why there is always a continuous kratom representative kept on the radar. You can continue with your kratom consumption and also intimate your congress representative and senator on how kratom has assisted you. The benefits of using kratom are far more than the side effects thus giving you another chance at living a healthy and beneficial life.

Kratom Tolerance

One of our previous articles addressed the issues of kratom dosage. We had an extensive discussion on how to determine the right dosage and how to get the most out of the dose. It is pertinent to note that there are different strategies which can be adapted to keep the kratom tolerance level of your dosage intact.

What is Kratom tolerance?

This defines the level of kratom you will have to use to realize the same effects on your body from the very first dosage. In general terms, it has been discovered that your body becomes less sensitive to the plant due to prolonged usage, and this could translate into an increase in the dosage to obtain the same effect. This brings about a general rise in expenditure and other side effects.

Kratom tolerance

To have a clearer understanding of kratom tolerance, we shall take a look at the following essential points.

Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS)

I came across this term some few years ago. By definition, it is the effect of using one strain of kratom over a long period. For useful understanding, you need always to remember that kratom strains come with their unique impact on the body. The strains of kratom plants are determined by the drying or curing process, the age of the tree, etc. You can read our article for more information on kratom strains.

The alkaloid content of each strain is unique and is independent of the other strains. You can use different strains of kratom powder and obtain different results, and it is that simple. The alkaloid content is strain dependent and is affected by the tree’s maturity, time of harvest, and curing process.

When stagnant strain syndrome kicks in, you will begin to need an increase in dosage to obtain the same level of effects when you first used the kratom powder. Although this is common with the usage of kratom powder, it can be avoided. When this happens, it is expected that the smart kratom consumer will switch or try a combination of strains to stay away from the SSS syndrome associated with one particular strain.

To also combat this, you can try out “kratom fusions” our secret formula. This formula was designed from a mixture of blends which were provided to keep the SSS from knocking at your door frequently.

How To Deal With Kratom Tolerance

To deal with kratom tolerance, kindly take note of the following steps;

  • Keep A Schedule

Try as much as possible to avoid consuming kratom powder at will. Have a schedule and keep to it. Exposing your body to increased levels of kratom is most likely to increase the possibilities of its tolerance. Have a set time for each day and try to follow it accordingly.

In my first experience with kratom powder, I made a timetable to take my dose in the morning. For a first timer, I noticed that the effects lasted throughout the day. After this, I decided to graduate to three doses a day and then went to as high as five.

When I increased the total dose in a day, I resulted in taking little or more than I should, and this affected my tolerance level. I had to slow down and create the schedule which I now stick to.  Sticking to this schedule reduced my kratom tolerance level.

For effectiveness, I suggest you understand your body chemistry, know which parts of the day could use the effect of kratom powder and include it in your daily routine. Spreading out your dose will create a room for tolerance to build up since the alkaloids find it hard to reach a stable strength in the brain.

  • Practice Strain Rotation

Now that you already know how to plan your schedule or create a mix and switch your kratom dose, it is time to keep your tolerance level at bay by learning how to mix and change as part of your daily routine.

This is how your strain rotation should look like;

Day Mixture
Monday Wild Red Hulu
Tuesday Red horn and Green JongKong
Wednesday White Borneo and Green Malay
Thursday Red Bali
Friday Wild red and Wild premium Green
Saturday Red Batak and White Banjar
Sunday Red Maeng Da

This is just an example of how your rotation should look like.

  • This Potentiator Works

In our previous article, we discussed kratom potentiators, which are used to make dose stronger. Since it is everyone’s dream to have a stronger and long-lasting kratom dose, it is essential to take note of the tolerance levels which may or may not come with it.

Potentiator Works For use of kratom

You can take care of this problem with one step; use of magnesium.

Magnesium serves as one of the most essential potentiators which can lower your tolerance level. It is saturated with NMDA receptor antagonists and does a great job of maintaining your body’s tolerance to kratom. Please note; not everybody likes using this. Therefore, it is advisable that you use it sparingly.


The challenges associated with kratom tolerance are still a topic of debate in the kratom community. As a reminder, we suggest you always bear in mind that if you are getting started on your kratom dosage, then rotation is the best approach. Don’t forget to have a look at our great products with a track record of providing the best effects. Contact us on how to place your first customized order.