We have indeed come a long way with Kratom. We have seen how effective it has been in providing us with the needed energy and keeping us relaxed. Now the big question to all Kratom users will be; how will you react if you discover that it was banned from the marketplace? What will be your reaction if you woke up one morning and all of a sudden you find out the government has placed a severe ban on the Kratom community, thereby leaving users with no choice or alternative?

Believe me when I tell you that I will feel sad, depressed, and scared. Or let’s say I can’t find the words to qualify what I will feel at the moment. Knowing how important Kratom has been to your daily life, we shall look at the power of making the right decisions. Believe it or not, your choices have a great impact on your general view about life. It serves as the lens through which you see the world, threat the people around you, or react to events. For every decision you make today, there is the same effect it will ripple throughout the sands of time because you are a product of your choices.

Placing your hands on such vital information can be very important to your daily lives. The ripple effect produced by your decisions has the power to keep you always in motion or shatter your future. Your today is a product of yesterday’s decision. To give you a complete guide on how you can be a better person, let us talk about one of the most important decisions you can ever make on the Kratom community.


The Decision To Make A Difference

Please note that this article was not in any way meant to hurt your feelings but to make you a better person. If you are interested in helping the Kratom community, then one of the best places to start will be by creating a video. Data gathered from the research reveals that video is the most utilized form of online content daily. Based on the findings of a survey carried out by HubSpot, it was discovered that a majority of the people online always prefer to watch a video than read a text because it is easier for them.

It is no longer news that the Kratom community is coming under fire now and then and the power to save this endangered Community lies in your hands. It lies in your ability to lift a finger to offer the best help.

To offer the community some assistance, the government has created a website known as The Crisis Next Door, where Kratom users can share their unique experiences and testimonies. So what are you waiting for?

 The Decision To Do

After interacting with most of our Kratom users, I came to understand that the reason why most of them find it hard to take advantage of our government website is that they are too nervous about standing in front of the camera. I will be not be judging their decision because they have their reasons, and I respect that. Utilizing the government-owned site is more fun than actually sharing the message. You will have a great time in front of the camera while telling the world what Kratom has done for you.

Kratom community

To make a difference, here are some tips to note;

  • Avoid a script: this is not in any way asking you not to use one. Just try to limit the level of dependence you place on the script, and you will flow perfectly well.
  •  You can always edit: remember, this is not a live video; hence, you have the whole time to go back and edit the video.
  • Do A Test Run: run some rehearsals and try to get it right because practice makes perfect.
  • Be Conversational – don’t just stand there and read a speech, get into the head of your audience, and pass the message.
  • Remember; Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford).

Change The Ripple

Your decision to contribute to the existence of the Kratom society could affect the ripples down the road. Probably, the existence of Kratom community may be hanging on your testimonial. Get to work immediately and let the people hear your story.
I know you are nervous and may need to prepare beforehand. No matter what you do, get that testimonial out there for the world to see.
You can interact with me by clicking the box below, and you can also share this article with as many Kratom users as possible. Let’s get everyone on our side and end this battle.