What is Ostarine?

Ostarine (MK-2866), also called enobosarm is a popular selective androgen receptor module (SARMs) mainly designed to reverse muscle waste and breakdown in muscle-wasting infections and also to increase the strength and mass of lean muscle. These SARMs function like testosterone because they stimulate hormone receptors. However, SARMs are quite different from normal steroids because the former can affect specific body tissues such as bones and muscles.

This difference reduces the side effects caused by SARMS, such as dealing with increase estrogens and testosterone suppression. This characteristic has made SARMs such as Ostarine become the best performance and appearance enhancers in the market today. According to most bodybuilders and athletes, Ostarine is very useful in increasing muscle mass and performance and has few or no risks.


Originally, Ostarine (MK 2866) was developed as an experimental drug. The company that invented the drug was called GTx. It specialized in the development and commercialization of drugs that either prevent or treat health conditions related to bone and muscle loss. The MK-2866 supplement was supposed to help its consumers fight any disease that causes muscle loss. Since 2009, Ostarine (MK 2866) has become common among bodybuilders, fitness experts, and people suffering from various body injuries.

Mechanism of action

Biologically, androgens increase skeletal muscle mass. Androgens being the main sex hormones in males, explains why men are more masculine than the females. However, the androgens do more than muscle-building, especially when drugs such as steroids non-selectively stimulate their sensors. It has been discovered that SARMs target muscles and increase anabolic processes while exempting the reproductive organs. Scientists claim that the structure of Ostarine is one of the muscle-selective drugs with a lot of advantages.

(Mk 2866) Mechanism of action

When taken in the body, the MK 2866 activate muscle stem cells, also called satellite cells, whose primary role is to remodel and regenerate muscles. Ostarine also stimulates cells in the connective tissues. When a person undergoes muscle injuries, these tissues are fundamental for the muscles’ successful recovery. Another way in which Ostarine works in the body is through boosting the activity of the insulin-like growth factor, which further increases the growth and strength of muscles.

Benefits of Ostarine (MK 2866)

Ostarine is popularly known for its ability to prevent muscle and bone wasting in related diseases. For quite some time now, the phrase is frequently used in the gym by bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts. The following are some of the potential uses of Ostarine and the clinical and scientific research that backs them up;

Muscle growth

  • Apart from preventing muscle loss in cancer patients, the aging population and people with muscular dystrophy, Ostarine also helps in increasing the mass of muscles. In the various clinical trials, involving healthy older adults that have been carried out, Ostarine increased the mass and the fitness of the lean muscles.
  • It is essential to note that for one to enjoy the benefits, they have to take full doses. When cancer patients start taking this SARMs after they have already started losing their muscles, the drug will help in restoring the lean muscle mass.

Bone health

  • As people age, they experience a decrease in bone-protective sex hormones. This decrease further results in poor bone health and osteoporosis. People in such situations are encouraged to enhance bone mineralization. However, boosting the mass of their muscles can be more beneficial.
  • It not only lowers the risk of bone fractures but also ensures fast recovery from any bone fractures, particularly in elderly persons. This is because muscles are responsible for supporting the whole skeletal system. Ostarine plays the same role as testosterone in a person’s bones and muscles.
  • Therefore, it can prevent and cure bone diseases and also increase the strength of the bones.

Good heart health

  • If you are suffering from heart disease, then you should consider taking Ostarine. Heart diseases often lower the lipid levels in the blood, thus leading to muscle and weight loss in the patients.
  • Ostarine fights the effects of this condition by increasing the lipid levels and keeping them healthy.

Insulin resistance

  • Various experiments have shown that Ostarine not only reduces blood glucose levels but also improves insulin resistance. This means that the drug has the potential to assist those with diabetes or any metabolic syndrome.

Helps in improving strength

  • Mk 2866 does not only increase the mass of muscles but also their power. Fitness fans and bodybuilders require a lot of body strength for them to maintain their stamina.
  • Therefore, it is advisable for them to take this substance because it contains the needed products. You could also try using this product even if you have no interest in fitness or bodybuilding. It will give you more strength to perform various day-to-day tasks.

Improves endurance

  • Every human being needs the perseverance to succeed in every day they do in life, be it athletics or any other activities. Ostarine (MK 2866) provides the right solution for this problem because it boosts endurance terrifically.
  • For perfect results, one needs to take 12 mg continuously for four weeks. Perseverance combined with enough strength, muscle, and bone strength is everything you would need.

Helping in body metabolism

  • The body’s metabolic rate depends on the mass of their muscles. It means that the body will function normally as long as the person can diet without reducing their muscles. As mentioned above, Ostarine helps one to maintain their muscles during dieting.
  • Therefore, the drug can enable you to lose fat as you still maintain your muscles. Ostarine (MK 2866) is different from other steroids because it does not lead to hormonal imbalance.

Fat burning

  • Most people want to lose weight but are too lazy to go to the gym. Since Ostarine causes weight loss, it can also be associated with burning fat. For any human being to lose weight, they have to burn more calories than they consume.
  • With dieting, fat burning is related to loss of muscles. The best thing about Ostarine is that you can lose fat and retain your muscles. Therefore, the drug can be taken during dieting to prevent the users from burning fat without losing their muscles.

Side effects

  • It is correct to say that there is insufficient information about the side effects of Ostarine. The scientific literature does not offer enough info because research has only be done on cancer patients and the elderly. However, the structure and user reviews can provide a better idea of the side effects. Even if Ostarine does not lead to hormonal imbalance, it is reported to cause a mild rise in the blood estradiol of the users.
  • Higher doses of the drug can lead to slight testosterone suppression. Users have also claimed that the drug causes joint pain, disrupted sleep, low energy and strength, depression, menstrual cycle imbalance, headaches, nausea, baldness, acne, and skin changes.

Correct dosage

Ostarine dosages are available either in pills or a solution. Taking 30mg of Ostarine in a day, together with PCT produces various benefits such as increased strength and energy, protein synthesis and lean muscle gains. During a three to eight week cycle, women should take 10mg of Ostarine a day while the men should take twenty-five milligrams a day. You can either take the dose in a shot or split it into two or three doses.

How to take ostarine

  • On the other hand, during the four to eight weeks cycle, men are advised to take fifteen to twenty milligrams of Ostarine a day while females should take ten milligrams a day. Some people consider using the substance for a twelve-week cycle, but this might expose them to the risk of more side effects.
  • This is why experts recommend the eight weeks. Users are also advised to take Ostarine breaks that are equal to the duration of their cycle. For example, if you have been taking the drug for eight weeks, you should take an eight-week break before you start retaking it.
  • Ostarine (MK 2866) is potentially safer than any other SARMs. However, the product is yet to be approved for human consumption anywhere around the globe. Despite its illegal status, the SARMs is still being used by many bodybuilders and athletes because of its ability to boost performance and the few risks that users have to deal with.
  • Ostarine is one of the drugs that are currently being researched to determine their potential in enhancing serious muscle wasting diseases. In case the ongoing clinical tests confirm the drug’s benefits/ risks ration, Ostarine (MK 2866) might be approved for clinical use in the future.

Final thoughts

The company manufacturing Ostarine (MK 2866) has been operating for many years now, and this might be a good sign of the effectiveness of the product. However, the lack of scientific evidence proving that the supplement is as effective as the retailers claim is a significant concern. The reports of ineffective ingredients and related adverse effects are also a source of worry. However, you should consider taking the supplement if you want to increase your strength levels, you should consider using a supplement with no side effects and proven research. The above information will help you make an informed decision on whether to use Ostarine (Mk 2866) or not.