If you’re a user of all things Kratom but have yet to try the Green Malay Kratom, it’s time you do. If you like Wild Red Bali, you may change your perspective when you get done with the Green Malay version of Kratom. If you have some of it in your cabinet, but you’ve been hesitant in trying it, it’s time to break away from the usual and give it a try.

The experience you get is something you’ve never had before. It’s like coming up out of the ocean and taking a deep breath of fresh air. It’s a new strain that’s sure to remind you that sticking to the type strain isn’t what you need. It may get you to try other Kratom strains out there.

What is about Green Malay Kratom that makes you open your eyes to a whole new world and changes your perspective about Kratom itself?

What You Should Know About Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay is no Wild Red Bali or any other Kratom version out there. This is good. It’s been able to stand up to different very potent versions of Kratom. It’s been managed to thrive and gain a following of those who enjoy using it.

What you experience with other versions of Kratom strains such as Wild Red Bali will be different from what you see with Green Malay. Each strain you try will produce a modified experience for you, and the experience you get for yourself may not be the same for another user of the same batch.

Green Malay is not the same as any other strain of Kratom out there, and that’s what makes it so worthwhile. It’s a must-try Kratom strain that opens your eyes to different strains you’ve yet to try out. The Green Malay Kratom can certainly grab some attention, standing out from the rest for several reasons.

kratom potency

One reason is the potency.

When people decide to use Kratom, they are often looking for a strain that has a fantastic alkaloid quality that leads to a high potency level. For the Green Malay Kratom, 40 alkaloid properties make it up. This causes a potent Kratom powder that is high in quality.

Another reason this version of Kratom is so popular is the high mitragynine concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine found in the leaf.

While Red Bali Kratom has grown in its popularity, it’s still important to consider how worthwhile Green Malay is. It’s got a molecular makeup that makes it so popular to people who love greens.

green malay kratom

Green Malay Proven To Be A Top Kratom Strain Contender

If you want to know what strains of Kratom have proven themselves to be the best of the best, then you need to look at Green Malay a little more.  It’s one of the high-in-demand types of Kratom powder for the above –noted reasons.

Another reason it’s considered the best is that you can go from one strain of Kratom to it and back to another without a problem. The potency reason is why it’s so easy to go from one strain to another, as the biological makeup of the essential Kratom types is somewhat similar.

Some potent Kratom strains have been tested thoroughly. The alkaloid diversity is what makes the leaves so great.

Think about it this way: It was a 1,000 or so years ago that Kratom experts were able to perfect the harvesting, drying, and grinding process that makes the Kratom varieties so worthwhile. Most vendors know that the tested process in which Kratom was made shouldn’t be messed with.  The idea is to ensure the finished Green Malay product is made from the same method the experts used hundreds of years ago.


Think of the Green Malay Kratom has been the best thing nature gave the human race. Don’t forget to diversify your Kratom strains to ensure you don’t become tolerant of any one kind. See what the green variety of Kratom can offer you and then try other versions too.