Kratom extract is not the same as Kratom powder. This is something all new Kratom users need to understand. The amount of extract you use will NOT be the same as the powder. It’s far more powerful and should be used in minute amounts.

And, since you use smaller amounts of it, it can last far longer than any form.

4 Questions New Kratom Users Have About The Extract?

There are four questions new Kratom extract users tend to have:

  • Where does the extract originate from?
  • How is the extract supposed to be consumed?
  • How many extracts should be used for the first time?
  • How do companies make the extract?

source of kratom extract

Sources Of Kratom Extract

The great thing about Kratom is that there are various extract variations you can try. Its extraction process begins once the Kratom leaves have been harvested off the Kratom tree and dried out. Heat activates the extract compounds, separating them. How can you create Kratom extract?

  • Boil ethanol with the Kratom leaves – typically in a kiln or large pot.
  • After it’s been boiled, the heat will extract the compound from the leaves.
  • They are removed from the ethanol using a strainer and put into the pot together once more.
  • At this point, it’s boiled until the concentrated powder is all that remains.
  • Finally, the mixture must be strained, pressed, sprayed with a liquid and allowed to dry.

The process will leave behind a powerful powdered extract – about 50x more concentrated than what is in the leaf.  Think of the extraction process of the Kratom leaf as being similar to water and alcohol extraction or an acid-base extraction like vinegar.

The concentration of the extract will determine the potency level. And, the potency level will affect how much extract you use.

Powdered Extract Usage

There is no right or wrong way to take the powdered Kratom extract. If you have an idea of how to use it, go for it. Do a quick search of the internet to see what people are saying about how they take their extract. Some people will add the extract to their teas or other drinks.

Powdered Extract Usage

Some may add it to food. Again, the internet is a good source of ideas about how to use Kratom extract. Visit Kratom-related forums to get some ideas from current users of the extract.

How Is The Extract Made?

The Golden Monk Kratom extract is designed to ensure users get the best possible personal experience.  It begins by taking 50 kilos of alkaloid-fresh and nutrient-rich Kratom powder and putting it into a large pot or kiln. A large pot allows for easier stirring when necessary.

100 liters of ethanol is then added to the pot/kiln. The ethanol causes the alkaloid content to activate and separate from the leaves.  While undergoing the extraction process, the mixture gets stirred often for at least three days but no longer than a week. While this means a plethora of exciting, the action causes separation and makes it easier to extract later on.

Once done boiling and stirring, the liquid extract comes from pressing the ethanol-mixed powder. The idea is to get as much liquid as possible. The liquid is put into a spray container where the consistency levels are managed. When it’s full, the liquid is sprayed onto glass trays to start the drying process.

The crystallization process starts once the liquid has dried. This method is done in various ways, but the scratching method is one of the more preferred methods. It helps to break the dried extract up and crystallize it. This can be a tedious process, but it ensures the best possible product at the end of it all.

What To Remember…

As a first-time user of Kratom extracts, you must take great care to ensure you don’t overdose. Remember, Kratom extracts are incredibly potent, so use a minute amount in the beginning until you find the upper-most medium that you can tolerate.