Methods Of Storing Kratom Powder

So you just purchased some kratom powders from, and it seems like you are flatfooted on where best to store them right? This is not a challenge to worry about, and you are not the first to experience this. With our years of supplying kratom users with the best kratom powders, we can confidently tell you that what has happened to you is not unusual.

Before we give you an insight on the best place to store your kratom powder, it is essential always to remember that it was extracted from a resilient little plant, and there are individual cases where you will be super excited to come across an article which teaches you how to keep your kratom powder in an ideal environment.

When you keep kratom powder for too long, there is a high possibility of the active ingredients (the mitragynine compounds) undergoing a chemical change into another compound called mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. This new compound is said to have little or no effect to painkilling and may even act as an opiate antagonist. Only storing your kratom powder the right way can save you from this stress.

How to Store Kratom – For Daily Users

Storing your kratom powder keeps it active and highly potent. As a rule of thumb, always make sure your powder is stored correctly in a cool, dry environment which is free from UV light, oxygen, and humidity.

To store your kratom powder, any cupboard is fine as long as the bags remain sealed. Daily users should take particular caution not to expose the kratom powder to the agents mentioned above. Keep the container sealed perfectly immediately after use.

How to Store Kratom – For Daily Users

How to Store Kratom – Saving it For Later

If you are interested in keeping your kratom powder for a while, or perhaps you want to save it for later, it is essential that you have an excellent backup stash to prepare for the day of trouble. Storing everything in your cupboard is not the right option for you. To keep your kratom powder for later, it is essential that you take note of the following steps;

  • Place the kratom powder in small plastic bags. Just make sure each pack contains one or two day’s supply and nothing more. Keeping the kratom in small bags will enable you to use it in small batches and help to keep the containers airtight until you are about to use them.
  • Remove the air from the bag by using a vacuum sealing device. You can also suck out the air in the containers if you are good at it. No matter the method you choose, try to keep the bag airtight.
  • Place the airtight bags containing your kratom powder in a tin or plastic container to keep it away from light. Always keep the containers in a cool, dry place. Although there are instances where people will suggest you keep the bags in a freezer, the matter is still up for debate. If you decide to settle for keeping your containers in a fridge, then you can keep a check on it for freezer burns.

Store Pre-Brewed Tea


How To Store Pre-Brewed Tea

Most users prefer to pre-brewing their kratom tea and to drink it when the need arises. In case you belong to one of these individuals, I believe you are already aware that you can only store a pre-brewed kratom tea for 5-7 days in a refrigerator before it produces a foul smell.

While I don’t fancy the idea of storing it this way, here are some tips that I believe will be of help to you. Kindly follow these steps, and your pre-brewed tea will be as good as fresh.

  • Brew your Kratom tea
  • Get a plastic container and pour the exact amount you want into it.
  • You can use a water bottle. Do not settle for a drinking cup or glass bowl unless you have no choice.

This is highly recommended because liquid expands when frozen, and your pre-brewed tea is not an exception. When pouring, make sure you leave about one-fifth of the bottle empty to create room for the intended expansion when it eventually occurs. Neglecting this can lead to an explosion in the storage process.


Storing your kratom powder in the right way goes a long way in preventing the unsolicited transformation of the active ingredients. Be sure that your storage area is the right fit for your kratom plant. Taking calculated steps aimed at long term storage is as important as anything else when it comes to kratom powder.

Derive Satisfaction From Your Kratom Powder

Most kratom users are highly interested in one thing; how to improve the activity of their kratom powder and make it last longer.

Peradventure you belong to this group of individuals, then this article was written with you in mind. In case you are just coming across kratom powder for the first time, then you can also benefit from this article. It is a well-known fact that alkaloids present in plants are active for a lot of reasons. Ingesting these phytochemicals allows them to bond with the receptors in your body, thus generating different reactions, which are people specific.

For a consistent Kratom user, you may have noticed from time to time that you are not experiencing the same effect from your Kratom as you used to when you first started. This challenge was discussed in our previous article, which enlightened Kratom users on Kratom tolerance. However, in this article, we shall look at some of the specific remedies for these factors and how to get the most from your Kratom powder.

Please note, the items listed in this article were carefully selected based on user testimonials and personal experience. These methods include but are not limited to the following;

kratom Right dosage

Get Your Dosage Right

The wrong dosage can elicit several adverse effects, such as Kratom tolerance. When administered in small doses, Kratom can provide the body with lots of energy, and if delivered in larger doses, it can act more as a sedative. Since Kratom activity is unique to the individual in question, it is essential always to get your dosage right. Kratom dosage, just like every other drug, is dependent on the weight of the individual. For instance, a woman weighing 130lb will not be required to take as much as a man weighing 200lb.

Note that there is no acceptable generally acceptable dosage for Kratom powder, but it is always essential that you start small and increase the dosage gradually. You can join our community and interact with Kratom users on how to get the correct directions for your first Kratom dose.

Know Your Tolerance Level

After identifying the right dosage for you, the next step will be to understand your Kratom tolerance level. Read our article on Kratom tolerance for a general overview of what it means and how you can avoid it. When you take too much of Kratom often, it can reduce your tolerance level for your dose; thus, it is highly recommended that you reduce the level of the dosage gradually.

Another more straightforward way of checking your tolerance level is to practice and act of mixing up the different strains native to you. Rotating these strains will help your tolerance level stay where it needs to be.

The way you take your dose can also boost the effectiveness of your Kratom. Experiment by changing the ways you consume your Kratom powder since it can as well help you combat kratom intolerance. For instance, if you are used to taking Kratom with juice mix, you can vary the method and try brewing by throwing it into your coffee machine.

You can also keep your tolerance level low by taking a break now and then. Reduce your overall kratom intake to maintain its tolerance under control. Doing this will give reduce the level of exposure of your body to the effects of the kratom.

Get A Better Product

There are no two ways about this. Stop wasting your money to buy cheap kratom products just because they are cheap. Take out time to understand the product you are about to purchase and unless you are certain it is what you are looking for, and I strongly suggest you don’t buy it.

In case you are a bit confused on the quality of the kratom powder you intend to buy, we will strongly recommend that you go with a highly experienced vendor who understands the leaf and can offer you professional advice. Our team of highly experienced vendors will be more than willing to assist you in purchasing the best kratom product you could ever find. We have a track record of inspecting every supplier to the tiniest detail such as plantation, the location of growth, and effects of the strain. is always on the lookout for the best products our esteemed customers can enjoy without stress and at a fair price too.

Before purchasing that Kratom powder, it is essential always to remember that; Cheaper isn’t always better.


Buy Kratom Extract

The most effective way of making an original kratom powder last longer than usual is to purchase kratom extracts, store them correctly, and use them when the need arises. This increases its level of potency and latency.

Purchasing kratom extracts is the best ways to minimize the use and dosage every time you go to the cupboard for your daily supply.

With this extract, you can take less than the usual dose, thereby making the powder available for future use.

In Conclusion

Regardless of your identity or level of expertise in searching the internet for answers on kratom powder, as long as you are a hard-core kratom lover, you will agree with us that all you are interested in is to get the most out of your kratom product. We believe the above tips are the best ways to do it.

Taking The Right Decision For Your Kratom Powder

We have indeed come a long way with Kratom. We have seen how effective it has been in providing us with the needed energy and keeping us relaxed. Now the big question to all Kratom users will be; how will you react if you discover that it was banned from the marketplace? What will be your reaction if you woke up one morning and all of a sudden you find out the government has placed a severe ban on the Kratom community, thereby leaving users with no choice or alternative?

Believe me when I tell you that I will feel sad, depressed, and scared. Or let’s say I can’t find the words to qualify what I will feel at the moment. Knowing how important Kratom has been to your daily life, we shall look at the power of making the right decisions. Believe it or not, your choices have a great impact on your general view about life. It serves as the lens through which you see the world, threat the people around you, or react to events. For every decision you make today, there is the same effect it will ripple throughout the sands of time because you are a product of your choices.

Placing your hands on such vital information can be very important to your daily lives. The ripple effect produced by your decisions has the power to keep you always in motion or shatter your future. Your today is a product of yesterday’s decision. To give you a complete guide on how you can be a better person, let us talk about one of the most important decisions you can ever make on the Kratom community.


The Decision To Make A Difference

Please note that this article was not in any way meant to hurt your feelings but to make you a better person. If you are interested in helping the Kratom community, then one of the best places to start will be by creating a video. Data gathered from the research reveals that video is the most utilized form of online content daily. Based on the findings of a survey carried out by HubSpot, it was discovered that a majority of the people online always prefer to watch a video than read a text because it is easier for them.

It is no longer news that the Kratom community is coming under fire now and then and the power to save this endangered Community lies in your hands. It lies in your ability to lift a finger to offer the best help.

To offer the community some assistance, the government has created a website known as The Crisis Next Door, where Kratom users can share their unique experiences and testimonies. So what are you waiting for?

 The Decision To Do

After interacting with most of our Kratom users, I came to understand that the reason why most of them find it hard to take advantage of our government website is that they are too nervous about standing in front of the camera. I will be not be judging their decision because they have their reasons, and I respect that. Utilizing the government-owned site is more fun than actually sharing the message. You will have a great time in front of the camera while telling the world what Kratom has done for you.

Kratom community

To make a difference, here are some tips to note;

  • Avoid a script: this is not in any way asking you not to use one. Just try to limit the level of dependence you place on the script, and you will flow perfectly well.
  •  You can always edit: remember, this is not a live video; hence, you have the whole time to go back and edit the video.
  • Do A Test Run: run some rehearsals and try to get it right because practice makes perfect.
  • Be Conversational – don’t just stand there and read a speech, get into the head of your audience, and pass the message.
  • Remember; Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford).

Change The Ripple

Your decision to contribute to the existence of the Kratom society could affect the ripples down the road. Probably, the existence of Kratom community may be hanging on your testimonial. Get to work immediately and let the people hear your story.
I know you are nervous and may need to prepare beforehand. No matter what you do, get that testimonial out there for the world to see.
You can interact with me by clicking the box below, and you can also share this article with as many Kratom users as possible. Let’s get everyone on our side and end this battle.

How Kratom Powder Is Winning The War In Tennessee

Congratulations to all Kratom lovers, our age-long cry for freedom is yielding fruits in faraway Tennessee. On April 25th, 2018, we recorded a massive milestone in the history and existence of Kratom powder. It was gathered that Kratom was facing a high possibility of being banned in the state and the rest of the country until the Conference Committee Report on House Bill No. 1832 / Senate Bill No. 2258 which dealt a significant blow to the decision to ban Kratom. Kratom won the case in a grand style, and it will interest you to note that it is now safe and legal to kratom in Tennessee although there is still a law restricting the use and purchase of kratom to only members of the community who are 21 and above.

So how did this happen?

Members of the House and Senate Conference Committee opted in for the appointment of according to motions which sought to resolve the differences between the two houses on House Bill No. 1832 (Senate Bill No. 2258). Based on the recommendations of these bills, the house has met and agreed that all amendments be deleted. The clause in question was the ban of Kratom powder in Tennessee.

It was further recommended by the committee that Sections 10 and 11 should be completed deleted and replaced with the following and a re designation of the subsequent sections accordingly;

SECTION 10. The Following additions were made to the Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-452(a), as a new subdivision (a)(3):

 It is an offense for a person to knowingly

  •  Sell, or offer for sale, Kratom unless labeled and in its natural form;
  • Distribute, sell, or offer for sale, Kratom to a person under the age of twenty-one (21) years; or
  •  Purchase or possess Kratom if under the age of twenty-one (21) years.

possess of Kratom

For purposes of this subdivision (a)(3)

  •  “Labeled” means a label containing the manufacturer’s information and a warning that includes, at a minimum, “Warning: Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. It is illegal to possess Kratom if under 21 years of age. Consult your healthcare professional before using. Do not combine with alcohol or medication. Consult a doctor before use if you have high blood pressure, liver disorder, heart disease, or medical condition which requires medication.” and
  •  The natural forms of kratom powder refer to cut, dried out and sifted Kratom leaf or raw Kratom leaf powder.

This bill was passed into law in Tennessee after a vote of 23 to 2 was recorded in favor of Kratom. With the bill passed into law, the bill is on its way to the Governor’s table for signature.

What Made The Difference?

Throughout the ban placed on the use of Kratom powder, the decision was so strong that we felt Kratom would never see the light of the day any longer. We thought our voices would never be heard until the bill was passed into law. This meant one thing; Our voice is (and Can) be heard by our representatives.

The American Kratom Association, the Botanical Education Alliance, and the Kratom community have been in the forefront of affairs helping to fight this battle hence one of the reasons why you shouldn’t give up on Kratom powder.

Regardless of your state, you can put a call through to your representatives or write them using Resistbot, and this will go a long way in creating the best voice with the person making the decisions for you.

Educate Yourself, To Educate Them

Before putting that call through to them, make sure you are versed in the benefits of Kratom powder and why the government is bent on banning it.

benefits of Kratom powder

You can visit The American Kratom Association to familiarize yourself with all you need to know about Kratom powder. Make sure you have enough information to convince your representative before calling.

It’s time to write to our representatives and save our precious Kratom powder. Who is with me?

Indicate your interest by sharing this article to spread the Good news to other Kratom lovers on social media channels using #IAmKratom.

Let’s do this.

How To Take Kratom?

A lot of people are discovering the potentials and benefits of using kratom every day. While these individuals have gone agog with their discoveries, there are some questions about Kratom powder that bothers their minds, and this article was written to address that.

It is imperative to note that there are no right or wrong ways of using or consuming Kratom powder (at least for now). In case you are just discovering Kratom and may be wondering how to use it effectively, we have put together this article as a step by step guide for you. Kindly go through and familiarize yourself with basic knowledge about Kratom powder.

What is Kratom?

The kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia. Although reports are indicating that the tree can also grow in Africa, adequate care must be taken to bear in mind that Kratom grows in a hot and humid environment. This and many other reasons is why the Ketapang and JongKong regions have the highest number of Kratom in Indonesia.

Kratom powder is made by picking the leaves from the plant, air drying them to obtain a specific vein color (read our article on Kratom strains for examples of strains and vein colors). The nature of drying determines the color of the resulting strain.


How Can I Use Kratom Powder?

As stated earlier, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using Kratom powder. For a first time user, the Kratom powder may taste horrible, but there are several ways you can learn to adapt to the taste and use it effectively.

  • Toss and Wash method

This is the most popular methods of using Kratom powder. It involves taking your desired dosage into your mouth, tossing and washing it down with your favorite drink. This is not for the faint-hearted, and if you are not certain of handling a dry powder in your mouth, it is advisable you don’t force it down your throat. You can try other methods.

This method is excellent because it serves as the best way to get your dosage quickly and effectively.

You can also purchase an oblate disc to assist you in wrapping the dry powder and swallowing it with your favorite drink.

  • The Drink Mix Method

In this method, you will be required to mix your Kratom powder with the favorite drink and swallow. It is very easy and not as awful as the first method. You can choose your favorite fruit or read our article on Kratom potentiators for a list of fruit juice you can use.

As an example, Chocolate milk, Coffee, Orange juice, and Pomegranate juice, can serve as a good potentiator for your Kratom powder. Experiment with the drinks until you experience the best result.

Kratom dosage effects

  • Take note of the dosage

For most new users, there is little or no information regarding the proper dosage of Kratom powder to be used. In the meantime, we suggest you monitor yourself after the first dose and make a decision if you like to have more or stick to what you already have. Experiment with the powder until you obtain the best results. Taking Kratom powder on an empty stomach is the best way to dose.

Bottom line

Don’t wait for anybody to inspire you. Get to work and determine your best dosage. Regardless of the category of user you fall into (novice, intermediate or expert user), we are always here to offer you the best Kratom powder advice you can ever think of. Contact our team of experts, and you will be glad you did.

Interact with us on our social page on how Kratom has helped you. Don’t forget to hit the share button.

How To Determine Your Kratom Dosage?

One of the most challenging parts of using Kratom powder is dosage determination. This had been the major topic of debate concerning the legalization of Kratom powder. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or professional Kratom user; there are always times we will love to know the best ways we could determine our dosage. From time to time, we may go online to search for some Kratom dosage tips. I once did it until I discovered the simple trick I am about to share with you.

For the new users, there is a great urge to know how to use Kratom since they will love to start a daily regimen and may have little or no information on Kratom powder while the experienced user may like to have detailed information on how much of Kratom powder is not too much. In the meantime, you can read our article on Kratom tolerance for more information on how our body adapts to Kratom powder.

For this article, here are some valid points you should ponder on regardless of your level of Kratom powder usage. For a clearer understanding, we shall discuss the issue of dosage in two ways; the newbie and expert point of view.

How to determine the right dosage: Newbie Edition

Let’s focus on the quality of Kratom powder before moving on to discuss how to determine the correct dosage.

Before purchasing the right Kratom powder for use, make sure you have enough information on the quality of the product sold in the market. As far as Kratom powder is concerned, quality is better than quantity. Every new user should do their homework of identifying the best product in the market by conducting research and asking the right questions. Most of the quality products are discussed in Facebook groups or online forums.

Correct Dose

Determining your Kratom dosage has nothing to do with your personal experience; thus, the primary reason why you need to interact with people who are expert in Kratom powder to assist you in determining the right dose. You can contact a qualified Kratom expert.

You can also experiment with the dosage until you obtain the much-desired results. The reaction of Kratom is unique to your body system; thus, the reason why experimenting is a good idea. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

The Correct Dose: Pro Edition

Remember your position as a master user. You have come a long way from your first Kratom powder spills, toss and wash, and it’s time to advance. For a pro user, there is a need to worry about your Kratom tolerance levels. Know how your body reacts to the presence of Kratom powder and have a clear definition of your tolerance levels.

Important Notices To All Newbies

Experiencing tolerance for a particular strain of Kratom is not unusual, most especially if you are not dosing strategically. For instance, you noticed your initial dosage of 2g has to be increased to 5g before you have the same effect, now that’s tolerance setting in. Increasing the dose of your Kratom powder due to tolerance is not good for you; therefore, it is crucial that you work out your dosage strategically.

In your first few weeks of Kratom usage, try as much as possible to rotate your dosage and strains. Try out a brand new strain every day and make sure you don’t overlap the same strain within three days.

kratom dosage

Rotating these strains give you a chance to stay at the same dose, thus, reducing the possibilities of creating tolerance for any of the strains. When purchasing your first supply of Kratom powder, make sure you have 4-7 ounce bags for storing your Kratom powder and mix your strains in them. Here is a perfect example of how you can achieve that.

  • 1 oz. bag of Green Malay
  • 1 oz. bag Red Bali
  • 1 oz. bag White Bali
  • 1 oz. bag Wild Premium Green
  • 1 oz. bag Yellow Vietnam

Mix the strains while taking each dose. For example, your first dose can contain wild green and Whit Bali, while your second dose can contain Red Bali and Yellow Vietnam.

 Bottom line

As simple as this may sound, I know the challenges involved and the possible results which can be obtained when you rotate your dose. Try to keep the rotation constant since it is the best way to combat Kratom tolerance.

Share your best rotation ideas on our social media page, and we will love to hear from you. Don’t forget to hit the share button.

2 Key Tips About Kratom Extract To Ensure Safe Usage

Kratom extract is not the same as Kratom powder. This is something all new Kratom users need to understand. The amount of extract you use will NOT be the same as the powder. It’s far more powerful and should be used in minute amounts.

And, since you use smaller amounts of it, it can last far longer than any form.

4 Questions New Kratom Users Have About The Extract?

There are four questions new Kratom extract users tend to have:

  • Where does the extract originate from?
  • How is the extract supposed to be consumed?
  • How many extracts should be used for the first time?
  • How do companies make the extract?

source of kratom extract

Sources Of Kratom Extract

The great thing about Kratom is that there are various extract variations you can try. Its extraction process begins once the Kratom leaves have been harvested off the Kratom tree and dried out. Heat activates the extract compounds, separating them. How can you create Kratom extract?

  • Boil ethanol with the Kratom leaves – typically in a kiln or large pot.
  • After it’s been boiled, the heat will extract the compound from the leaves.
  • They are removed from the ethanol using a strainer and put into the pot together once more.
  • At this point, it’s boiled until the concentrated powder is all that remains.
  • Finally, the mixture must be strained, pressed, sprayed with a liquid and allowed to dry.

The process will leave behind a powerful powdered extract – about 50x more concentrated than what is in the leaf.  Think of the extraction process of the Kratom leaf as being similar to water and alcohol extraction or an acid-base extraction like vinegar.

The concentration of the extract will determine the potency level. And, the potency level will affect how much extract you use.

Powdered Extract Usage

There is no right or wrong way to take the powdered Kratom extract. If you have an idea of how to use it, go for it. Do a quick search of the internet to see what people are saying about how they take their extract. Some people will add the extract to their teas or other drinks.

Powdered Extract Usage

Some may add it to food. Again, the internet is a good source of ideas about how to use Kratom extract. Visit Kratom-related forums to get some ideas from current users of the extract.

How Is The Extract Made?

The Golden Monk Kratom extract is designed to ensure users get the best possible personal experience.  It begins by taking 50 kilos of alkaloid-fresh and nutrient-rich Kratom powder and putting it into a large pot or kiln. A large pot allows for easier stirring when necessary.

100 liters of ethanol is then added to the pot/kiln. The ethanol causes the alkaloid content to activate and separate from the leaves.  While undergoing the extraction process, the mixture gets stirred often for at least three days but no longer than a week. While this means a plethora of exciting, the action causes separation and makes it easier to extract later on.

Once done boiling and stirring, the liquid extract comes from pressing the ethanol-mixed powder. The idea is to get as much liquid as possible. The liquid is put into a spray container where the consistency levels are managed. When it’s full, the liquid is sprayed onto glass trays to start the drying process.

The crystallization process starts once the liquid has dried. This method is done in various ways, but the scratching method is one of the more preferred methods. It helps to break the dried extract up and crystallize it. This can be a tedious process, but it ensures the best possible product at the end of it all.

What To Remember…

As a first-time user of Kratom extracts, you must take great care to ensure you don’t overdose. Remember, Kratom extracts are incredibly potent, so use a minute amount in the beginning until you find the upper-most medium that you can tolerate.

Red Bali Kratom – How Alkaloid Makeup Helps To Produce It.

Red Bali Kratom… new users to Kratom may come across the word but don’t understand the difference it has compared to other Kratom products. What you should understand is just how versatile the Red Bali Kratom is and how it can help you daily.

It’s important to understand that the name “Red Bali” is a bit misleading. It makes one think the strain of Kratom was found in Indonesia’s Bali province.  However, the word is part of the marketing hype to get one’s attention. The reality is that the Wild Red Bali is grown in a small jungle area known as JongKong – not Bali.

According to Urban Dictionary, Bali is the most excellent destination in the world. When you say Bali, you agree the name can send you to a surreal location – a place you go from time to time. For many people, Bali is the place you go for an exotic vacation – a place to relax.

From the harvesters to the manufacturers to the vendors, everybody who is involved in the Red Bali process understands one key thing: Bali is the vacation destination.

So, how did Red Bali get its name?

One source believes Indonesian suppliers came up with Kratom strains Bali because it was one of few countries where exporting Kratom was possible. Still, it was the Kratom community that made the Bali Kratom so famous because of how potent the alkaloid makeup is.

What Is The Alkaloid Makeup?

Mitragyna Speciosa has more than 40 structurally-related alkaloids in the molecular makeup. Now, Kratom leaves have two kinds of alkaloids – Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.  If the two alkaloids, it’s the 7-hydroyxmitragynine that’s the most powerful, but its molecular structure isn’t as plentiful in Kratom leaves the mitragynine is.

Mitragynine effects

Mitragynine has at least 40 active alkaloids in it – some more dominant than others, which can affect the potency level of the final product. Red Bali has more than 25 alkaloids within this stricture; a plethora of it in both the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitagynine.

Four other factors affect Kratom’s alkaloid makeup:

  • Weather at growth time
  • The weather during dry time
  • The weather during harvest time
  • Region of growth

A Close Look At The Factors That Affect Alkaloid Makeup

Several factors go into developing a potent Kratom that has a significant alkaloid profile. Here’s a closer look at those factors:

Area of Growth

Where Kratom is grown can have an effect on how the product turns out. For example, some regions where it grows will produce a potent product, whereas other places won’t be near as powerful. For example, Kratom grown in the Bunut and JongKong areas is more powerful than the Hulu Kapuas and areas similar.

Kratom grown in Sumatra Island is even weaker than most other types of Kratom. It’s not bad, but inconsistent.

Leaf Maturity

Kratom’s strength also comes from its leaves. Kratom can be made from weak or strong leaves. The leaves of the Wild Red Bali are picked when they’re near maturity.

kratom Leaf Maturity

It’s the Kratom strain that’s not near as attainable as others. Some suppliers don’t get more than 500 kilograms at a time because they’re more about quality than quantity.

Drying Process

How a Kratom leaf becomes, the powdered form is an important aspect to consider as well. The method in which the leaves are dried can also have an effect on its potency. Some drying methods cause the Kratom to come out bad, but other methods can result in a very potent product.

Due to the extremely high 7-hydroxymyitragynine molecule content, Red Bali is a potent Kratom source. However, that’s not all it has. It also has Speciogynine, Mitraphylline, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, which gives the final product even more of a kick.

Wild Red Bali is just some of the different strains of Kratom you can choose from, and it’s one many Kratom enthusiasts will choose for their source.  It’s got a natural alkaloid potency, which is why it is so popular.

Remember, the leaf defines the kind of experience you will get. Everybody has their own experience with Kratom, which is something all new users have to deal. The idea is to find the experience for yourself – find a happy place in Bali for you.

kratom Tea – Make It Using Kratom Leaves

The most popular way people use the Kratom plant is tea. Though some people use it in other ways, tea remains to be the most popular way it’s consumed.  Why is that? It’s the simplest way for people to take their Kratom doses.

Now, you have multiple ways in which to make Kratom tea. No one type is better than another, as it all boils down to personal preference.  There is another kind of Kratom tea that many may not classify it as such, but it’s one that will be mentioned as well.

Are you new to Kratom and want to know how to prepare Kratom tea? Look no further…

How Do You Make Kratom Tea?

When people think of tea, they think of some hot drink that comes off the stove. Many older individuals have a teapot on their stove they put water in and heat up. When it’s done heating up, the whistle will blow.

There are many ways to make tea like this. For the taste to be pleasing, people have used green or black tea to hide the taste. They’ve added in honey or sugar to give it a sweeter flavor. Some people have added Kratom potentiators to their tea. Magnesium and lemon are the most commonly used Kratom potentiators that can be used to make tea taste so much better.

kratom tea

Of course, what you use will depend on what your tastes are and what experience you’re trying to get from the tea.

If you do decide to use the teapot method, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t use a lot of kitchen utensils and takes a short amount of time to make.  Bear in mind though… you don’t want to overboil your Kratom.

Why is that?

If you overboil the Kratom, it kills the alkaloids in the leaf, which defeats the purpose of taking it. Yes, you can boil the Kratom powder, but allow the water to simmer rather than boil. So, if you opt to throw the powder in with the water, this is something to keep in mind. Be sure you keep a watchful eye on it

This is one of the reasons the teapot is so popular. The powder is placed in the empty cup, and the whistle blows when the water is ready. Just wait 15 to 20 seconds and then pour the water into your cup.

The simmered water will trigger the alkaloids and any potentials you use with it, which ensures a more tasty Kratom tea.

Can You Add Kratom To Coffee?

Can you use Kratom in coffee? Absolutely! Make coffee like any other time, but rather than putting in coffee grounds into the filter, add the Kratom there. If you run the Kratom twice, you get even more from it.

If you use the coffee pot for your Kratom, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Measure the amount of Kratom you want to consume.
  • Add that to the filter of the coffee pot.
  • Fill it with water to your desired level
  • Turn it on to the pot, fills up with the Kratom “coffee.”
  • When it’s done, store the additional Kratom made in a container or gallon jug and keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.

Another Method That You Can Use For Your Kratom

If tea and coffee are not your things but you like Kool-Aid, consider adding your Kratom dose to Hawaiian Punch or some other fruit punch drink.

fruit punch drink

After you consume that, drink a little bit of orange juice to give it even more of a kick.

You can create your variation of drink with Kratom. The above technique is usually rapid to give you the desired effects.

What Ways Do You Like To Take Your Kratom Dose?

You don’t have to buy a lot of Kratom at one time, and you don’t have to make hot Kratom tea. Your imagination is the limit here on how to use your Kratom dose. If you want to add it to something cold, go for it. If hot tea sounds good, that works too.

Regardless of how you consume it, you’ll get something out of the experience.

So, what’s your favorite Kratom-flavored drink?

9 Questions Prospective Kratom Users Have About The Plant

If you’re going to use Kratom, you should know all you can about it. You need to learn about its growth and how it’s produced. It’s important to know what the laws are for your local and state governments. It’s also wise to learn how the federal government regulates it – if it does.

How much is enough information? The key is to learn all you can about the Kratom plant. There is never enough knowledge. You don’t know when you have to defend yourself in front of a state or federal official, teaching them about Kratom.

9 Commonly Asked Questions About Kratom, Its Use and More

What Is Kratom Powder?

Before you use Kratom for yourself, you should know what it is you’ll be consuming.  The first thing to remember is that Kratom is a Southeast Asia tree leaf and is related to the coffee plant.

The plant is typically seen and harvested in the Indonesia regions, Borneo and Malaysian peninsulas. Why is that? Kratom thrives in hot, humid environments.

Does My State Legally Recognize Kratom Use?

Kratom is legal one year and illegal the next – at least that’s what it seems like. Lobbyists and various Kratom-related organizations are continually talking about Kratom and ensuring it stands at the forefront of legislators’ minds.

Before you try buying Kratom, it’s not a bad idea to learn if it’s legal to use where you live. Most places will not ship Kratom to state addresses where it’s not legal.  Be sure to do some research here to find out if your city and state has legalized Kratom use.


How To Ensure Kratom Stays Legal?

If you want to ensure Kratom stays legal, you need to be an advocate for the plant. Don’t just be a user; be an advocate for it. Be sure you make phone calls to local, state, and national organizations who can influence the legalities of Kratom. What can you do?

  • Use Facebook to send a message to your representative using Resistbot. You can also text it through your smartphone and follow the commands to send the message.
  • Call them often to talk about how useful Kratom has been to you, giving them as much information about the latest Kratom reports.
  • Donate money each month to either the American Kratom Association or Botanical Education Alliance. These folks work hard every day to help Kratom users and to ensure it stays legal.
  • Talk to your family, friends, and co-workers about Kratom. Many people have no idea what Kratom is and how it can help, which is why it gets such a bad rep. Arm yourself with information about it so others can learn just how beneficial it can be.

The key is to be more than just a user; be an activist for it. When everybody who uses Kratom works together, differences can be made.

What Does It Mean By Tolerance?

When you’re a long-term user, you may hear the word tolerance. If this is something you have yet to understand, it is something essential to understanding. Tolerance is when you use one strain for some time without using another one. Most Kratom users start with minute doses of one stain, but a rise in their tolerance level means taking more and more.

This is the result of stagnant strain syndrome, which happens when you use the same type of Kratom for long periods.

You want to avoid becoming tolerant. How do you do this? You need to buy different strains of Kratom and use one strain one day and another strain another day.  With daily Kratom strain variations, you can keep yourself from becoming tolerant, improving your overall experience with Kratom.

What’s The Kratom Shelf Life Like?

The great thing about Kratom is that it can last a long time when stored properly. Make sure that your store your Kratom is a dry, cool place, so it stays fresher for longer. Some people will store their Kratom in glass jars or Ziploc baggies. How you store your stash will depend on how you will use it.

What Are Strains Of Kratom Considered The Best?

Ask a group of Kratom users what the best strain and you’re going to get different answers. The reason is that it depends on each person. You formulate an opinion about what strain is best. In essence, the best strain is the one you like the best.  This means trying various kinds and seeing what effects you get from them.  Some of the more popular Kratom strains though are:

  • Green Bali
  • Green Batak
  • White JongKong
  • Wild Red Bali

How Important Is Lab Testing For Kratom?

It’s imperative to purchase Kratom from vendors who have tested their product. Reputable vendors will constantly test their Kratom product to ensure it’s of high quality. And, if something doesn’t quite fit in with their guidelines, they may throw it out even if it costs them thousands of dollars.


Those are the vendors you want to buy from.

What Is Stem and Vein Kratom?

This type of Kratom isn’t very popular within the Kratom community, but it does have a vital property you need to understand. Kratom comes from the plant’s leaves, but the plant’s stem and veins have a makeup all its own that’s not the same as the leaf material.

Due to its scientific structure, the body takes a more extended period to process the stem and vein. Put, it stays in the body for much longer than the actual Kratom leaf. It’s not uncommon for experienced Kratom users to mix the leaf, vein, and stem to readjust the body’s tolerance level.

Is The FDA Concerned About Kratom?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued some concerns about Kratom likening it to narcotics such as opioids and can be abused or lead to addiction. It could potentially lead to death. Now, there’s no reliable information out there backing up the claims, and various scientific research has refuted them.

The FDA has denounced one claim some vendors are making – that Kratom can help users medically. This has not yet been proven either.