What is Stenabolic (sr9009)?

Stenabolic (sr9009) is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMs) or PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) alpha modifier, usually taken orally. Most people get confused when they hear about his term. A PPAR modifier is a compound that stimulates the Rev-ErbA protein and boosts fat burning, increases body metabolism, increases endurance as it reduces inflammation. All these effects are more appropriate for athletes.


SR9009 was developed in the Scripps Research Institute under the leadership of professor Thomas Burris. Original, the compound was created to determine how Rev-ErbA was related to the circadian rhythm in mice. Rev-ErbA is a protein that is found in various body tissues such as the liver, the brain, and the adipose muscle. As human beings, our sleep patterns are dictated by through a process referred to as circadian rhythm. When these two are combined, they provide sufficient information on the times when mammals have the best performance in physically demanding situations. Generally, SR9009 encourages bodybuilding.

How it works

According to experts, Stenabolic (sr9009) works by binding and activating the Rev-ErbA protein. Consequently, the supplement triggers different processes in the human body. In most cases, it enhances body metabolism and increases the number of mitochondria in the muscles.

how Stenabolic works

  • With a large number of these cells, users achieve more muscle strength and endurance. In one experiment, the mice were injected with the Stenabolic (sr9009). It was observed that could run for further distance and for a longer time than before. Biologically, mitochondria generate energy in the body. More mitochondria mean more power in the body.
  • Additionally, the defective mitochondria are removed from the muscles after the consumption of this supplement. They are replaced with new and functional ones.
  • When a person is resting, they consume more energy because of the changes in their body metabolism. During such situations, the Stenabolic (sr9009) burns all the excess calories and prevents them from being stored as fats. This process, when combined with improved glucose metabolism assists in the burning of fats in the body.
  • With less conversion of calories into fats, less cholesterol is developed by the liver, and this ensures that a lot of glucose is burnt into the muscles. Therefore, this supplement can be an appropriate replacement of physical workouts. However, Stenabolic (sr9009) is also associated with adverse health effects. For example, it reduces plasma glucose by 12%, total cholesterol by 47%, and Plasma non-esterified fatty acids by 23%.

The benefits of Stenabolic (sr9009)

Stenabolic (SR9009) is a pure SARMs that offers various benefits to the users. The following are some of them;

Assists with weight loss

  • Millions of people all over the world are struggling with weight issues. If you are one of them, Stenabolic (sr9009) might be the right solution for you. This supplement has been discovered to assist users to lose weight by maintaining high resting metabolism.
  • With the help of the product, the body turns glucose into an energy source, which is further used by the muscles to help you through your day-to-day activities. The blood glucose levels determine the level of insulin in the blood.
  • If the former is controlled, the latter is also under control. Biologically, proper use of insulin hormone contributes to the growth of muscle mass through conducting the amino acids from the bloodstream and directing them to the body muscles. Note that muscle tissues have a higher metabolism when compared to fat. Therefore, you will boost your metabolism naturally if you increase the strength and the mass of your muscles.

Boosts muscular strength

  • A person who takes Stenabolic (sr9009) has a higher lifting endurance than a person who doesn’t. The lifting tolerance brought about by the supplement is known to boost muscular strength. If you want to ensure low fatigue levels during your workout, train in the right way and lift heavy and have at least two minutes rest intervals.
  • Apart from having less fatigue, these combined exercises will also improve your endurance and strength levels. Therefore, look for Stenabolic (SR9009) if you are a bodybuilder in need of all these traits.

Increases the endurance of the muscles

  • Fatigue is one of the major limiting factors for lifters. However, researchers have discovered a perfect remedy for this solution; the SARMs called Stenabolic (sr9009). It is known to bind and activate proteins. Muscular endurance is created through two significant levels.
  • The first level is to increase the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells, and the second level is to boost the number of macrophages. The role of these cells is to get rid of all the defective mitochondria and replace them with new ones.
  • As a result, you can engage in your workouts for a longer time than you used to.

Controls the glucose levels

  • Another advantage of Stenabolic (sr9009) is that it helps in lowering the levels of glucose in the body. This is why the supplement is recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes. Typically, high glucose levels in the human body are dangerous because the glucose spills in the bloodstream and forces the pancreas to produce more insulin.
  • The role of the insulin is to convert excess glucose into fats, and this increases the risk of suffering from obesity or type 2 diabetes. Reducing the amount of blood glucose ensures that the pancreas releases just the required amount of insulin.
  • As a person ages, they tend to lose muscles and strength. Taking Stenabolic (sr9009) counteracts the impact of this loss. Muscle tissues in the human body absorb some glucose. Therefore, reduction in muscles increases the level of insulin. From this information, it is correct to say that total muscle mass is closely connected to obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • For this reason, adults above the age of thirty-five are advised to engage in resistance and cardio. At this age, people start losing muscles.

Assists in fat burning

  • A lot of people refer to Stenabolic (sr9009) as “exercise in a bottle” because it helps in shedding extra fats. Consuming it enables you to train for a long time even if your body has a calorie deficiency.
  • The cutting properties combined with the natural fat loss properties of this supplement guarantee that the consumers reduce their body weight and at the same time maintain their muscle mass.

Decrease inflammation

  • Stenabolic (sr9009) stimulates Rev-ErbA thus reducing the number of inflammatory cells in the body. Therefore, if you are experiencing body inflammation, you should consider taking this dose for several days, and you will note that you will be less inflamed.

Recommended dosage

A regular dosage ranges from twenty to thirty milligrams in a day. It is important to note that this compound has a short half-life. Therefore, users need to space the doses throughout the day to ensure that there is a right balance of active substances in the body. The best interval is between two to four hours, but this depends on the dosage used. For instance, if a person takes the thirty milligrams in a day, it would be healthy for them to take ten milligrams every four hours.

Is buying and using Stenabolic (sr9009) legal?

Some customers say that this supplement agent is too good to be true. For this reason, it can be categorized in the gray area of legality. For any customer or user to legally buy it, they have to be working in a research laboratory and have research permissions. In case you do not have access to these permissions, you can consider purchasing unregulated Stenabolic (sr9009) from online stress. However, this option is not the best because you might end up buying the supplement that is not up to standards since it is unregulated. To avoid these inconveniences, it is advisable to buy Stenabolic (sr9009) from a famous company with a good reputation.

Side effects

So far, very few customers have complained about experiencing side effects from SR9009. For example, Stenabolic causes insomnia, only if the user incorporates another supplement in their diet, a supplement that is clashing with the impact of SR9009 on the sleep cycles. Users are advised to never mix this compound with either alcohol or any other drugs.

Side effects of Stenabolic

The few side effects suggest that the compound might be extremely safe, Stenabolic was not developed as a hormonal drug, and this means that it does not interfere with estrogen or suppress the production of natural testosterone. However, bodybuilders need to be careful when using this product because it has not proven scientifically. It has not used in any bodybuilding drug test.

Final thought

In conclusion, Stenabolic (sr9009) might not be the most potent SARMs in the market today. However, it can be listed as one of the most influential and active compounds that a person can add to their performance enhancement program to cut or muscle build. It can be used in a standalone cutting cycle. Alternatively, you can stack with other SARMs. Recently, it was discovered that Stenabolic (sr9009) is an overpriced drug in unrecognized labs. Since they can be counterfeited easily, customers should purchase this supplement from a trusted retailer.