So you just purchased some kratom powders from, and it seems like you are flatfooted on where best to store them right? This is not a challenge to worry about, and you are not the first to experience this. With our years of supplying kratom users with the best kratom powders, we can confidently tell you that what has happened to you is not unusual.

Before we give you an insight on the best place to store your kratom powder, it is essential always to remember that it was extracted from a resilient little plant, and there are individual cases where you will be super excited to come across an article which teaches you how to keep your kratom powder in an ideal environment.

When you keep kratom powder for too long, there is a high possibility of the active ingredients (the mitragynine compounds) undergoing a chemical change into another compound called mitragynine pseudoindoxyl. This new compound is said to have little or no effect to painkilling and may even act as an opiate antagonist. Only storing your kratom powder the right way can save you from this stress.

How to Store Kratom – For Daily Users

Storing your kratom powder keeps it active and highly potent. As a rule of thumb, always make sure your powder is stored correctly in a cool, dry environment which is free from UV light, oxygen, and humidity.

To store your kratom powder, any cupboard is fine as long as the bags remain sealed. Daily users should take particular caution not to expose the kratom powder to the agents mentioned above. Keep the container sealed perfectly immediately after use.

How to Store Kratom – For Daily Users

How to Store Kratom – Saving it For Later

If you are interested in keeping your kratom powder for a while, or perhaps you want to save it for later, it is essential that you have an excellent backup stash to prepare for the day of trouble. Storing everything in your cupboard is not the right option for you. To keep your kratom powder for later, it is essential that you take note of the following steps;

  • Place the kratom powder in small plastic bags. Just make sure each pack contains one or two day’s supply and nothing more. Keeping the kratom in small bags will enable you to use it in small batches and help to keep the containers airtight until you are about to use them.
  • Remove the air from the bag by using a vacuum sealing device. You can also suck out the air in the containers if you are good at it. No matter the method you choose, try to keep the bag airtight.
  • Place the airtight bags containing your kratom powder in a tin or plastic container to keep it away from light. Always keep the containers in a cool, dry place. Although there are instances where people will suggest you keep the bags in a freezer, the matter is still up for debate. If you decide to settle for keeping your containers in a fridge, then you can keep a check on it for freezer burns.

Store Pre-Brewed Tea


How To Store Pre-Brewed Tea

Most users prefer to pre-brewing their kratom tea and to drink it when the need arises. In case you belong to one of these individuals, I believe you are already aware that you can only store a pre-brewed kratom tea for 5-7 days in a refrigerator before it produces a foul smell.

While I don’t fancy the idea of storing it this way, here are some tips that I believe will be of help to you. Kindly follow these steps, and your pre-brewed tea will be as good as fresh.

  • Brew your Kratom tea
  • Get a plastic container and pour the exact amount you want into it.
  • You can use a water bottle. Do not settle for a drinking cup or glass bowl unless you have no choice.

This is highly recommended because liquid expands when frozen, and your pre-brewed tea is not an exception. When pouring, make sure you leave about one-fifth of the bottle empty to create room for the intended expansion when it eventually occurs. Neglecting this can lead to an explosion in the storage process.


Storing your kratom powder in the right way goes a long way in preventing the unsolicited transformation of the active ingredients. Be sure that your storage area is the right fit for your kratom plant. Taking calculated steps aimed at long term storage is as important as anything else when it comes to kratom powder.