One of our previous articles addressed the issues of kratom dosage. We had an extensive discussion on how to determine the right dosage and how to get the most out of the dose. It is pertinent to note that there are different strategies which can be adapted to keep the kratom tolerance level of your dosage intact.

What is Kratom tolerance?

This defines the level of kratom you will have to use to realize the same effects on your body from the very first dosage. In general terms, it has been discovered that your body becomes less sensitive to the plant due to prolonged usage, and this could translate into an increase in the dosage to obtain the same effect. This brings about a general rise in expenditure and other side effects.

Kratom tolerance

To have a clearer understanding of kratom tolerance, we shall take a look at the following essential points.

Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS)

I came across this term some few years ago. By definition, it is the effect of using one strain of kratom over a long period. For useful understanding, you need always to remember that kratom strains come with their unique impact on the body. The strains of kratom plants are determined by the drying or curing process, the age of the tree, etc. You can read our article for more information on kratom strains.

The alkaloid content of each strain is unique and is independent of the other strains. You can use different strains of kratom powder and obtain different results, and it is that simple. The alkaloid content is strain dependent and is affected by the tree’s maturity, time of harvest, and curing process.

When stagnant strain syndrome kicks in, you will begin to need an increase in dosage to obtain the same level of effects when you first used the kratom powder. Although this is common with the usage of kratom powder, it can be avoided. When this happens, it is expected that the smart kratom consumer will switch or try a combination of strains to stay away from the SSS syndrome associated with one particular strain.

To also combat this, you can try out “kratom fusions” our secret formula. This formula was designed from a mixture of blends which were provided to keep the SSS from knocking at your door frequently.

How To Deal With Kratom Tolerance

To deal with kratom tolerance, kindly take note of the following steps;

  • Keep A Schedule

Try as much as possible to avoid consuming kratom powder at will. Have a schedule and keep to it. Exposing your body to increased levels of kratom is most likely to increase the possibilities of its tolerance. Have a set time for each day and try to follow it accordingly.

In my first experience with kratom powder, I made a timetable to take my dose in the morning. For a first timer, I noticed that the effects lasted throughout the day. After this, I decided to graduate to three doses a day and then went to as high as five.

When I increased the total dose in a day, I resulted in taking little or more than I should, and this affected my tolerance level. I had to slow down and create the schedule which I now stick to.  Sticking to this schedule reduced my kratom tolerance level.

For effectiveness, I suggest you understand your body chemistry, know which parts of the day could use the effect of kratom powder and include it in your daily routine. Spreading out your dose will create a room for tolerance to build up since the alkaloids find it hard to reach a stable strength in the brain.

  • Practice Strain Rotation

Now that you already know how to plan your schedule or create a mix and switch your kratom dose, it is time to keep your tolerance level at bay by learning how to mix and change as part of your daily routine.

This is how your strain rotation should look like;

Day Mixture
Monday Wild Red Hulu
Tuesday Red horn and Green JongKong
Wednesday White Borneo and Green Malay
Thursday Red Bali
Friday Wild red and Wild premium Green
Saturday Red Batak and White Banjar
Sunday Red Maeng Da

This is just an example of how your rotation should look like.

  • This Potentiator Works

In our previous article, we discussed kratom potentiators, which are used to make dose stronger. Since it is everyone’s dream to have a stronger and long-lasting kratom dose, it is essential to take note of the tolerance levels which may or may not come with it.

Potentiator Works For use of kratom

You can take care of this problem with one step; use of magnesium.

Magnesium serves as one of the most essential potentiators which can lower your tolerance level. It is saturated with NMDA receptor antagonists and does a great job of maintaining your body’s tolerance to kratom. Please note; not everybody likes using this. Therefore, it is advisable that you use it sparingly.


The challenges associated with kratom tolerance are still a topic of debate in the kratom community. As a reminder, we suggest you always bear in mind that if you are getting started on your kratom dosage, then rotation is the best approach. Don’t forget to have a look at our great products with a track record of providing the best effects. Contact us on how to place your first customized order.