One thing you must always bear in mind either as a new or existing user is the fact that potent Kratom powder is still the best Kratom powder. You can join our community of Kratom users if you are not yet a member. You are becoming a member of our community grants you access to the latest discoveries about a new kratom potentiator.

It has been discovered that kratom works in tandem with other natural herbs and species to elicit some benefits which keep you living a healthy life. To give you a heads-up on Kratom powder potentiator, we shall channel the better part of this article to teaching you how to use the kratom powder potentiators which can make your kratom powder last longer than usual and also present you with some other extra kicks needed to last as long as required. If you want to beef up your next kratom dose, here are some organic means of achieving it.

Kratom Powder Potentiators

7 Kratom Potentiators

  • Grapefruit

If you are looking for a wonderful highly nutritious but powerful strengthener in your breakfast, then you should consider grapefruit. It acts as an excellent potentiator due to its high enzyme content and ability to metabolize substances like Kratom.

By utilizing grapefruit as your kratom powder potentiator, it creates a room for more kratom to stay in the body longer than usual, thus aiding in the breaking down of kratom. Taking a glass of grapefruit juice or a single grapefruit elicit roughly the same effect on the body. While some people will mix the kratom powder with grapefruit juice, others may take it; differently, the choice is entirely yours.

Chamomile Tea

This is my favorite potentiators. It enhances the relaxation effects of kratom. It is also one of the most popular kratom powder potentiators, and it is utilized by a lot of people to establish a prolonged dose experience.

It is advisable to forego the chamomile for another potentiator if you are taking green or white strains of kratom.


Turmeric is an Indian spice which can help your kratom powder last longer while on the shelf or in your body. It has been regarded as the most significant boosts in kratom dose when used together.

Cayenne Pepper

This pepper has been in the limelight for a while now. Based on my research, I was able to discover that it gave a tremendous spike in results without increasing the dose duration of kratom in the body. Contrary to what I had expected or experienced from the other kratom powder potentiators, cayenne pepper gave a boost in potency without increasing dosage time.

To use this kratom powder potentiator, mix it directly into your dry kratom dose and take it together with water. Please only use this if you have a tolerance for spicy food. Make sure the dose is small also. A little of it can set you on fire for over 30 minutes.

7 Kratom Powder Potentiators


This is ultra-hydrated lettuce, which comes with a significant effect on potency in Kratom. Data gathered from studies reveals that there is a powerful cocktail in the minerals present in lettuce. It increases your dosage duration without causing an increase in the effects experienced.

Cat’s Claw

As odd as it may sound, this herb contains alkaloids similar to what is obtainable in kratom itself. Due to this similarity in their chemical composition, it interacts with the kratom powder to make its effect last longer than usual.

Akuamma Seed

This plant contains a seed that is bigger than your thumbnail and is as sturdy as a stone. To elicit its effect in your kratom powder, you will have to grind the seeds (1-3 per dose) with your favorite food processor or grinder.

Mix and take with your kratom dose and be prepared to gag like a momo. It has a bitter taste but can produce a stronger kratom powder even though I didn’t notice the lasting effects longer than expected. Sorry to say but I think this potentiator is not worth the try.


Although I came to understand that most users don’t like using this one, I decided to include it here because of its pretty much importance in its tolerance levels. People who choose not to use this potentiator have made confessions of how it has adverse effects on the body. It is famous for lowering the tolerance levels than in increasing kratom powder dosage duration. We suggest you use this with caution to avoid paying more than the required taxes to Prince John.


If you want to increase the activity of your kratom powder, there are quite a good number of herbs teas and spices that can help you improve the intended overall results. These results are often individual specific.