One of the most challenging parts of using Kratom powder is dosage determination. This had been the major topic of debate concerning the legalization of Kratom powder. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or professional Kratom user; there are always times we will love to know the best ways we could determine our dosage. From time to time, we may go online to search for some Kratom dosage tips. I once did it until I discovered the simple trick I am about to share with you.

For the new users, there is a great urge to know how to use Kratom since they will love to start a daily regimen and may have little or no information on Kratom powder while the experienced user may like to have detailed information on how much of Kratom powder is not too much. In the meantime, you can read our article on Kratom tolerance for more information on how our body adapts to Kratom powder.

For this article, here are some valid points you should ponder on regardless of your level of Kratom powder usage. For a clearer understanding, we shall discuss the issue of dosage in two ways; the newbie and expert point of view.

How to determine the right dosage: Newbie Edition

Let’s focus on the quality of Kratom powder before moving on to discuss how to determine the correct dosage.

Before purchasing the right Kratom powder for use, make sure you have enough information on the quality of the product sold in the market. As far as Kratom powder is concerned, quality is better than quantity. Every new user should do their homework of identifying the best product in the market by conducting research and asking the right questions. Most of the quality products are discussed in Facebook groups or online forums.

Correct Dose

Determining your Kratom dosage has nothing to do with your personal experience; thus, the primary reason why you need to interact with people who are expert in Kratom powder to assist you in determining the right dose. You can contact a qualified Kratom expert.

You can also experiment with the dosage until you obtain the much-desired results. The reaction of Kratom is unique to your body system; thus, the reason why experimenting is a good idea. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

The Correct Dose: Pro Edition

Remember your position as a master user. You have come a long way from your first Kratom powder spills, toss and wash, and it’s time to advance. For a pro user, there is a need to worry about your Kratom tolerance levels. Know how your body reacts to the presence of Kratom powder and have a clear definition of your tolerance levels.

Important Notices To All Newbies

Experiencing tolerance for a particular strain of Kratom is not unusual, most especially if you are not dosing strategically. For instance, you noticed your initial dosage of 2g has to be increased to 5g before you have the same effect, now that’s tolerance setting in. Increasing the dose of your Kratom powder due to tolerance is not good for you; therefore, it is crucial that you work out your dosage strategically.

In your first few weeks of Kratom usage, try as much as possible to rotate your dosage and strains. Try out a brand new strain every day and make sure you don’t overlap the same strain within three days.

kratom dosage

Rotating these strains give you a chance to stay at the same dose, thus, reducing the possibilities of creating tolerance for any of the strains. When purchasing your first supply of Kratom powder, make sure you have 4-7 ounce bags for storing your Kratom powder and mix your strains in them. Here is a perfect example of how you can achieve that.

  • 1 oz. bag of Green Malay
  • 1 oz. bag Red Bali
  • 1 oz. bag White Bali
  • 1 oz. bag Wild Premium Green
  • 1 oz. bag Yellow Vietnam

Mix the strains while taking each dose. For example, your first dose can contain wild green and Whit Bali, while your second dose can contain Red Bali and Yellow Vietnam.

 Bottom line

As simple as this may sound, I know the challenges involved and the possible results which can be obtained when you rotate your dose. Try to keep the rotation constant since it is the best way to combat Kratom tolerance.

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