Kratom enthusiasts should be concerned about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s idea to ban Kratom. In 2016, more than 100,000 people signed a petition when the agency proposed banning the leaf made into powder and extract. However, now, just 40,000 people have managed to sign up to take a stand against the proposal.

What happened here?

It’s not uncommon for people to quit fighting for something when they feel like they’re the only ones doing the fighting. However, if you’re a Kratom user, it’s essential to join the fight. It’s easier than you think, and you are not alone.

Realize Who The Fight Is Against

The FDA does not permit any company to talk about the effects of Kratom, but they can’t stop vendors from letting you know who the fight against prospective bans is.  The struggle you have is not just two or three government entities but corporations with power, money, and influence. These entities impact everything in Washington – their self-interests typically.

  • Are these companies influencing the decisions against Kratom? Perhaps and perhaps not. However, it’s essential to look at the timeline and facts at the start of 2018, and you can formulate your conclusions.
  • For example, Scott Gottlieb, along with the FDA, started their slander campaign against Kratom on Feb. 6, 2018.  They spread fear and unfounded facts that lead to doubt and confusion for those who were new to the Kratom world.

active alkaloids in kratom

  • Alexander Kariman filed for a patent on Feb. 16, 2018, stating the intention of the active alkaloids in mitragynine speciose. Now, you may be wondering just who this person is. The only thing that can be even attributed to the man is a LinkedIn profile that ties him to a VoIP telephone security service company called SECROM.

Previous patent filings suggest this is the person because they also share information about the network and technological-accessible field – something that SECROM provides services for. Kariman listed the patent as an invention.

  • According to the summary of the patent, the invention mentioned above is tied to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds and techniques to reduce one’s appetite, pain, and muscle tiredness. The compound and technique could also lead to a decrease in acute pain tied to cancer or medical procedure.
  • The invention could also offer techniques and compounds to treat various disorders and diseases at different stages for different patients with varying symptoms with the need for smaller or larger doses to attain the effectiveness they need.

A little odd that the FDA issues its announcement shortly after Kariman files his patent.  And, if you use Kratom regularly, this should give you some pause for concern.  This means the FDA is closely watching reputable vendors and how they describe Kratom. The FDA is just looking for a reason to shut down Kratom suppliers and vendors.

  • Scott Gottlieb is well-known for saying Kratom was the source of many deaths, calling it a dangerous substance.   According to the patent filed by Kariman, this is furthest from the truth. And, it’s on course to what the Kratom community is saying. It appears these two entities know what Kratom can do, but the campaign is working to make it look bad to others who don’t know about it as well as to the DEA so they can get what they’re after.

Think about it for yourself for a minute – what would corporations and FDA have to gain from banning Kratom?

Learn Who Is Fighting With You Against the Kratom Ban

You may think you’re the only one fighting to keep Kratom legal, but there are thousands of others who feel the same way as you do – that Kratom has been beneficial to their lives.  Find out who is on your team – talk to them regularly or give them an outlet that allows them to reach out to you.

  • Jane Babin wrote a Rolling Stone article where she called their interpretation of Kratom as being founded on junk science. She said the research the agency had about the harm Kratom could do is off in nearly every way.
  • Who is on your side beside the users of Kratom? There is the American Kratom Association. According to this organization, the FDA has yet to follow the science that’s been shared about Kratom. A read of the whole whitepaper is a clear demonstration that the FDA has something against Kratom.
  • The two incidences occurring so close together are not a coincidence.
  • According to the AKA, there were several facts the FDA didn’t get right. The DEA must have a list of criteria before a substance can be classified Schedule I, which is done through an 8-factor analysis test.
  • Dr. Jack Henningfield also believes in the effectiveness of Kratom. He carried out an 8-factor analysis test for himself what he found that Kratom was only as addictive as a coffee when appropriately used.
  • This is the kind of science the FDA needs to consider, but they’re not. The facts are right there for them to see, and they have the ability – resources, and authority – to carry out their studies. Instead, they’re listening to people like Gottlieb who took to Twitter to say Kratom was an opioid that could lead to adverse health effects and death.
  • With a tweet like that, it can stop you in your tracks. It’s sad to know some people want to take something useful away because they don’t know anything about it.
  • Gottlieb is not helping the Kratom community. However, companies such as Botanical Education Alliance are working to improve the education of those interested in Kratom and giving them the rundown of the benefits it can provide.
  • Another Kratom supporter is Dr. Christopher McCurdy. He has been researching Kratom for about 15 years and is well-known for his morals of traditional wellness.

Who are you fighting in tandem with? You’re fighting with highly-educated doctors and scientists and passionate Kratom community individuals. These are all people who know that Kratom can help users in all kinds of ways. It’s imperative that you find these people who share your enthusiasm for Kratom and work with them to keep it legal.

Do Everything You Possibly Can

This is the moment you need to act. If you’re not worried about a Kratom ban, you need to be. You need to talk with your state representative about Kratom daily continually. If you don’t find it odd that the FDA’s announcement came shortly after a patent was filed, consider it even more.

Kratom Facts

  • You need to fight for your right to use Kratom. Fight fire with fire using factors and information that renowned scientists and doctors have about the plant.  The FDA isn’t listening to the facts about Kratom. There’s an agenda there somewhere but where is the question. It’s not known what this agenda is, but there’s something there between how the FDA sees natural resources and the pharmaceutical companies.
  • The first thing you need to do is reach out to the American Kratom Association via their Facebook page. They will let you know when to take action through this page. You can also call your House and Senate representatives and talk to them about the facts of Kratom – how it’s made, where it comes from, how it helps, etc.
  • You can also sign on the latest American Kratom Association petition, which will be sent to the DEA and asking them not to approve the FDA’s request to designate Kratom as a schedule I substance.

If you’re a Kratom user who wants to continue using a product that you’ve benefited from, you need to take a stand and make your voice heard. Educate the uneducated about Kratom, and realize that you’re not alone in this fight. There are thousands of people in the battle with you.