A lot of people are discovering the potentials and benefits of using kratom every day. While these individuals have gone agog with their discoveries, there are some questions about Kratom powder that bothers their minds, and this article was written to address that.

It is imperative to note that there are no right or wrong ways of using or consuming Kratom powder (at least for now). In case you are just discovering Kratom and may be wondering how to use it effectively, we have put together this article as a step by step guide for you. Kindly go through and familiarize yourself with basic knowledge about Kratom powder.

What is Kratom?

The kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia. Although reports are indicating that the tree can also grow in Africa, adequate care must be taken to bear in mind that Kratom grows in a hot and humid environment. This and many other reasons is why the Ketapang and JongKong regions have the highest number of Kratom in Indonesia.

Kratom powder is made by picking the leaves from the plant, air drying them to obtain a specific vein color (read our article on Kratom strains for examples of strains and vein colors). The nature of drying determines the color of the resulting strain.


How Can I Use Kratom Powder?

As stated earlier, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using Kratom powder. For a first time user, the Kratom powder may taste horrible, but there are several ways you can learn to adapt to the taste and use it effectively.

  • Toss and Wash method

This is the most popular methods of using Kratom powder. It involves taking your desired dosage into your mouth, tossing and washing it down with your favorite drink. This is not for the faint-hearted, and if you are not certain of handling a dry powder in your mouth, it is advisable you don’t force it down your throat. You can try other methods.

This method is excellent because it serves as the best way to get your dosage quickly and effectively.

You can also purchase an oblate disc to assist you in wrapping the dry powder and swallowing it with your favorite drink.

  • The Drink Mix Method

In this method, you will be required to mix your Kratom powder with the favorite drink and swallow. It is very easy and not as awful as the first method. You can choose your favorite fruit or read our article on Kratom potentiators for a list of fruit juice you can use.

As an example, Chocolate milk, Coffee, Orange juice, and Pomegranate juice, can serve as a good potentiator for your Kratom powder. Experiment with the drinks until you experience the best result.

Kratom dosage effects

  • Take note of the dosage

For most new users, there is little or no information regarding the proper dosage of Kratom powder to be used. In the meantime, we suggest you monitor yourself after the first dose and make a decision if you like to have more or stick to what you already have. Experiment with the powder until you obtain the best results. Taking Kratom powder on an empty stomach is the best way to dose.

Bottom line

Don’t wait for anybody to inspire you. Get to work and determine your best dosage. Regardless of the category of user you fall into (novice, intermediate or expert user), we are always here to offer you the best Kratom powder advice you can ever think of. Contact our team of experts, and you will be glad you did.

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