The most popular way people use the Kratom plant is tea. Though some people use it in other ways, tea remains to be the most popular way it’s consumed.  Why is that? It’s the simplest way for people to take their Kratom doses.

Now, you have multiple ways in which to make Kratom tea. No one type is better than another, as it all boils down to personal preference.  There is another kind of Kratom tea that many may not classify it as such, but it’s one that will be mentioned as well.

Are you new to Kratom and want to know how to prepare Kratom tea? Look no further…

How Do You Make Kratom Tea?

When people think of tea, they think of some hot drink that comes off the stove. Many older individuals have a teapot on their stove they put water in and heat up. When it’s done heating up, the whistle will blow.

There are many ways to make tea like this. For the taste to be pleasing, people have used green or black tea to hide the taste. They’ve added in honey or sugar to give it a sweeter flavor. Some people have added Kratom potentiators to their tea. Magnesium and lemon are the most commonly used Kratom potentiators that can be used to make tea taste so much better.

kratom tea

Of course, what you use will depend on what your tastes are and what experience you’re trying to get from the tea.

If you do decide to use the teapot method, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t use a lot of kitchen utensils and takes a short amount of time to make.  Bear in mind though… you don’t want to overboil your Kratom.

Why is that?

If you overboil the Kratom, it kills the alkaloids in the leaf, which defeats the purpose of taking it. Yes, you can boil the Kratom powder, but allow the water to simmer rather than boil. So, if you opt to throw the powder in with the water, this is something to keep in mind. Be sure you keep a watchful eye on it

This is one of the reasons the teapot is so popular. The powder is placed in the empty cup, and the whistle blows when the water is ready. Just wait 15 to 20 seconds and then pour the water into your cup.

The simmered water will trigger the alkaloids and any potentials you use with it, which ensures a more tasty Kratom tea.

Can You Add Kratom To Coffee?

Can you use Kratom in coffee? Absolutely! Make coffee like any other time, but rather than putting in coffee grounds into the filter, add the Kratom there. If you run the Kratom twice, you get even more from it.

If you use the coffee pot for your Kratom, here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Measure the amount of Kratom you want to consume.
  • Add that to the filter of the coffee pot.
  • Fill it with water to your desired level
  • Turn it on to the pot, fills up with the Kratom “coffee.”
  • When it’s done, store the additional Kratom made in a container or gallon jug and keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use it.

Another Method That You Can Use For Your Kratom

If tea and coffee are not your things but you like Kool-Aid, consider adding your Kratom dose to Hawaiian Punch or some other fruit punch drink.

fruit punch drink

After you consume that, drink a little bit of orange juice to give it even more of a kick.

You can create your variation of drink with Kratom. The above technique is usually rapid to give you the desired effects.

What Ways Do You Like To Take Your Kratom Dose?

You don’t have to buy a lot of Kratom at one time, and you don’t have to make hot Kratom tea. Your imagination is the limit here on how to use your Kratom dose. If you want to add it to something cold, go for it. If hot tea sounds good, that works too.

Regardless of how you consume it, you’ll get something out of the experience.

So, what’s your favorite Kratom-flavored drink?