If you’re going to use Kratom, you should know all you can about it. You need to learn about its growth and how it’s produced. It’s important to know what the laws are for your local and state governments. It’s also wise to learn how the federal government regulates it – if it does.

How much is enough information? The key is to learn all you can about the Kratom plant. There is never enough knowledge. You don’t know when you have to defend yourself in front of a state or federal official, teaching them about Kratom.

9 Commonly Asked Questions About Kratom, Its Use and More

What Is Kratom Powder?

Before you use Kratom for yourself, you should know what it is you’ll be consuming.  The first thing to remember is that Kratom is a Southeast Asia tree leaf and is related to the coffee plant.

The plant is typically seen and harvested in the Indonesia regions, Borneo and Malaysian peninsulas. Why is that? Kratom thrives in hot, humid environments.

Does My State Legally Recognize Kratom Use?

Kratom is legal one year and illegal the next – at least that’s what it seems like. Lobbyists and various Kratom-related organizations are continually talking about Kratom and ensuring it stands at the forefront of legislators’ minds.

Before you try buying Kratom, it’s not a bad idea to learn if it’s legal to use where you live. Most places will not ship Kratom to state addresses where it’s not legal.  Be sure to do some research here to find out if your city and state has legalized Kratom use.


How To Ensure Kratom Stays Legal?

If you want to ensure Kratom stays legal, you need to be an advocate for the plant. Don’t just be a user; be an advocate for it. Be sure you make phone calls to local, state, and national organizations who can influence the legalities of Kratom. What can you do?

  • Use Facebook to send a message to your representative using Resistbot. You can also text it through your smartphone and follow the commands to send the message.
  • Call them often to talk about how useful Kratom has been to you, giving them as much information about the latest Kratom reports.
  • Donate money each month to either the American Kratom Association or Botanical Education Alliance. These folks work hard every day to help Kratom users and to ensure it stays legal.
  • Talk to your family, friends, and co-workers about Kratom. Many people have no idea what Kratom is and how it can help, which is why it gets such a bad rep. Arm yourself with information about it so others can learn just how beneficial it can be.

The key is to be more than just a user; be an activist for it. When everybody who uses Kratom works together, differences can be made.

What Does It Mean By Tolerance?

When you’re a long-term user, you may hear the word tolerance. If this is something you have yet to understand, it is something essential to understanding. Tolerance is when you use one strain for some time without using another one. Most Kratom users start with minute doses of one stain, but a rise in their tolerance level means taking more and more.

This is the result of stagnant strain syndrome, which happens when you use the same type of Kratom for long periods.

You want to avoid becoming tolerant. How do you do this? You need to buy different strains of Kratom and use one strain one day and another strain another day.  With daily Kratom strain variations, you can keep yourself from becoming tolerant, improving your overall experience with Kratom.

What’s The Kratom Shelf Life Like?

The great thing about Kratom is that it can last a long time when stored properly. Make sure that your store your Kratom is a dry, cool place, so it stays fresher for longer. Some people will store their Kratom in glass jars or Ziploc baggies. How you store your stash will depend on how you will use it.

What Are Strains Of Kratom Considered The Best?

Ask a group of Kratom users what the best strain and you’re going to get different answers. The reason is that it depends on each person. You formulate an opinion about what strain is best. In essence, the best strain is the one you like the best.  This means trying various kinds and seeing what effects you get from them.  Some of the more popular Kratom strains though are:

  • Green Bali
  • Green Batak
  • White JongKong
  • Wild Red Bali

How Important Is Lab Testing For Kratom?

It’s imperative to purchase Kratom from vendors who have tested their product. Reputable vendors will constantly test their Kratom product to ensure it’s of high quality. And, if something doesn’t quite fit in with their guidelines, they may throw it out even if it costs them thousands of dollars.


Those are the vendors you want to buy from.

What Is Stem and Vein Kratom?

This type of Kratom isn’t very popular within the Kratom community, but it does have a vital property you need to understand. Kratom comes from the plant’s leaves, but the plant’s stem and veins have a makeup all its own that’s not the same as the leaf material.

Due to its scientific structure, the body takes a more extended period to process the stem and vein. Put, it stays in the body for much longer than the actual Kratom leaf. It’s not uncommon for experienced Kratom users to mix the leaf, vein, and stem to readjust the body’s tolerance level.

Is The FDA Concerned About Kratom?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued some concerns about Kratom likening it to narcotics such as opioids and can be abused or lead to addiction. It could potentially lead to death. Now, there’s no reliable information out there backing up the claims, and various scientific research has refuted them.

The FDA has denounced one claim some vendors are making – that Kratom can help users medically. This has not yet been proven either.